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Literacy Suffolk  (Literacy Volunteers of America, Inc.)

literacy suffolk

SEFA Charity Number: 65-00168

Literacy Suffolk is an accredited ProLiteracy affiliate, a national nonprofit organization. In cooperation with the Suffolk Cooperative Library System, Literacy Suffolk provides literacy services at the 56 public libraries in the county and their 7 branches. They have been increasing literacy among adult learners through the use of trained volunteer tutors for the past 25 years on the belief that the ability to read, write, and communicate effectively is critical to personal freedom and the maintenance of a democratic society.

Statistics show alarming rates of low literacy in Suffolk County. One in seven Suffolk County adults (14%) are functionally illiterate, 75% of unemployed adults are non-readers and almost 45% of adults living below the poverty level do not possess the basic reading and writing skills to improve their lives and the lives of their families. They have difficulty using the basic reading, writing, speaking and computational skills necessary for functioning in everyday life.

For information or to volunteer, call (631) 286-1649.


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