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Posthumous Awarding of the University Medal to Dr. Michael A. Maffetone

Whereas, pursuant to a distinguished career in clinical laboratory science and hospital administration beginning in 1976, Dr. Michael A. Maffetone served as Director and CEO of Stony Brook University Hospital from 1994 until he left his position in 2000 due to illness; and

Whereas, during his tenure, Dr. Maffetone contributed greatly to improving the healthcare of people on Long Island, and advancing the image and reputation of University Hospital regionally and nationally, witnessed by its ranking among the nation's top 15 teaching hospitals in the country; and

Whereas, Dr. Maffetone had a key role in planning University Hospital's new ambulatory surgery center which opened in 2002; and

Whereas, Dr. Maffetone was instrumental in bringing the Carol M. Baldwin Breast Cancer Research Fund to the University; and

Whereas, Dr. Maffetone put patient care and the welfare of his employees first, taking the time to become acquainted with the hospital staff at all levels and to interact with them personally, and caring deeply about the experience of people who had come to the hospital and constantly trying to improve that experience; and

Whereas, to honor Dr. Maffetone's accomplishments the University established the Michael A. Maffetone, D.A. Community Service Award, given to employees who personify Dr. Maffetone's strong commitment to community service; and

Whereas, Dr. Maffetone demonstrated his personal and professional integrity and strength throughout his tenure as CEO and Director, and continued to do so most recently despite his struggle with a terminal illness;

Therefore, Be It Resolved, that the Stony Brook Council expresses its deep appreciation to Dr. Michael A. Maffetone posthumously for his dedication and contribution to Stony Brook University Hospital, and hereby awards the University Medal, the highest form of local recognition available to the University and the highest honor the campus can bestow on persons who have rendered outstanding service to the University, in witness thereof.

March 4, 2003