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Resolution Authorizing the Naming of the Stadium the "Kenneth P. LaValle Stadium"

Whereas Senator LaValle has been a champion of higher education from the time he was a staff member for the Senate Education Committee, and has for the past 23 years chaired the Higher Education Committee, and in that capacity has paid particular attention to the needs of students, not only in the classroom, but also beyond; and

Whereas student quality of life issues are of critical importance to the Senator and one of his many goals was to see Stony Brook attain Division I status, and have the facilities necessary to achieve that goal; and

Whereas from the late 1980's Senator LaValle has focused his considerable energy on the creation and construction of the football/lacrosse facility at Stony Brook, and has worked with several Stony Brook administrations to bring this to fruition; and

Whereas he has succeeded admirably in this mission; and

Whereas, through the years Senator LaValle has had the vision to pursue many initiatives on the campus at Stony Brook, including the Centers for Advance Technology and one of the most highly successful incubators in high technology, uniting the University with innovative researchers and entrepreneurs in Eastern Long Island; and

Whereas the Fine Arts Center, bringing cultural events to the region, was a result of Senator LaValle's wisdom, as was the indoor sports complex, which provides the campus with regulation facilities for the growing Division I athletic program; and

Whereas University Hospital would not exist without his continued persistence and support, created to bring the world's premier researchers and physicians to serve eastern Long Island's diverse population; 


The Stony Brook Local Council authorizes naming the University's new stadium the "Kenneth P. LaValle Stadium," and furthermore,

The Stony Brook Local Council authorizes chair, Richard Nasti, to transmit this resolution to the Board of Trustees of the State University of New York.

September 20, 2002