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Resolution Congratulating President Kenny

Whereas, Dr. Shirley Strum Kenny, President of the University, has recognized the need for the State University at Stony Brook to increase private philanthropy to the University; and to engage the support of corporations for public higher education,

Whereas, President Kenny has demonstrated the valuing of diversity in her aggressive fund raising efforts and innovative programs on campus,

Whereas, President Kenny has succeeded in attracting the single largest gift in the history of the State University of New York, a $25 million Asian-American Center donated by Computer Associates' Chair and CEO Charles Wang, which is intended to bring an awareness of Asian culture to the entire campus community,

Be it therefore resolved, that the Stony Brook Council congratulates, praises, and thanks Dr. Kenny on this extraordinary achievement, one which will positively affect the life of th campus community for generations to come;

Be it further resolved, that recognizing the value of providing a diverse campus environment reflective of today's society; and recognizing the importance of increasing private contributions to the State University at Stony Brook, the Stony Brook Council will endeavor to support President Kenny fully in her efforts in this arena.

December, 1996