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Resolution Authorizing the Naming of the Campus Recreation Center the "Walter Hawrys Recreation Center"

WHEREAS, Walter Hawrys lent his expertise as a brickworks contractor to the young campus, helping to make the bold vision of Stony Brook University a reality; and

WHEREAS, Walter Hawrys cared deeply about the needs of athletes of all ages and abilities, and enabled some of the top junior walkers in the country to achieve their goals. A strong believer in fitness, he attributed his longevity to his dedication to physical activity, and to the expert care he received at Stony Brook University Hospital; and

WHEREAS, Walter Hawrys introduced his daughter Marilyn to the University through his work and as a result, she enrolled at Stony Brook University. Marilyn Hawrys Simons went on to complete both her BA and PhD at Stony Brook, and her personal commitment combined with that of her husband and the Simons Foundation has transformed the University; and

WHEREAS, Walter Hawrys was a life-long resident of Long Island whose strong work ethic and entrepreneurial achievements are an inspiration for Stony Brook University students.


In recognition of Walter Hawrys' deep connection with Stony Brook University through his work, his daughter, and his abiding passion for physical fitness, the Stony Brook Local Council authorizes the naming of the Campus Recreation Center as the "Walter Hawrys Recreation Center" and furthermore,

The Stony Brook Local Council authorizes chair, Kevin Law, to transmit this resolution to the Board of Trustees of the State University of New York.