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Resolution Honoring Dr. Edmund D. Pelligrino With the University Medal

Whereas, the Stony Brook University Council wishes to honor those individuals who make significant contributions and improve the qualify of life within our community; and

Whereas, Dr. Edmund D. Pellegrino is Professor Emeritus of Medicine and Medical Ethics, a Senior Research Scholar of the Kennedy Institute of Ethics, and Adjunct Professor of Philosophy at Georgetown. He is also the former Director of the Center for the Advanced Study of Ethics and founder and John Carroll Professor of Medicine and Medical Ethics, of the Center for Clinical Bioethics at Georgetown University; and

Whereas, Dr. Pellegrino was the first Vice President for the Stony Brook University Health Sciences Center and first Dean, School of Medicine who set the course of our institution along its road to greatness; and

Whereas, Dr. Pellegrino designed the facilities for the School of Medicine, the University Hospital, and the HSC Library and sketched the broad outlines for the health programs, research endeavors, and the medical curriculum that still remain today; and

Whereas, Dr. Pellegrino, noted bioethicist, has been a passionate spokesman on ethics and the medical profession, who has consistently asserted that medicine is a moral endeavor, founded upon the patient-physician covenant; and

Whereas, Dr. Pellegrino during his 57 years in medicine has launched thousands of doctors upon their medical careers and continues to impart to students and physicians a reverence for humanity and a commitment to ethics in the practice of medicine; and

Whereas Dr. Pellegrino has remained an educational trendsetter, who has made noteworthy contributions to interdisciplinary healthcare education and ethics embodies the best qualities of a visionary academic leader, a person of high creativity with the diligence to develop and test far-ranging novel ideas; now

Therefore, be it resolved that on this date, May 4, 2004, the Stony Brook University Council unanimously agreed to bestow upon Edmund D. Pellegrino, MD, its University Medal in gratitude and in tribute as a leader in every aspect of the medical profession: Health Sciences Center founder, distinguished teacher, noted clinician, eminent researcher, and renowned bioethicist. You have served the common good, and are hereby recognized for your exceptional achievements.

May 4, 2004