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Collaboration Training Module


In-person Training Slides

Please use the teaching slides as an aid to facilitate in-person training of this module.

Please click here to download the PowerPoint file.

Supplementary Training Documents

The following materials are part of the module above, but can be downloaded and modified based on the needs of your area. Please feel free to make any changes and use the materials as needed.

Collaboration - Case Examples

Collaboration - Core Questions

Collaboration - Role Play


External Resources - General Ethics Training 

On Being a Scientist: A Guide to Responsible Conduct in Research, The National Academies of Science Engineering Medicine

Ethics Core (University of Illinois online ethics resource)

Assessing the Need for a Research Ethics Remediation Program by James M. DuBois , D.Sc., Ph.D., Emily E. Anderson , Ph.D., and John Chibnall , Ph.D.