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  • IRB Fees

    The Human Research Protection Program is raising fees for sponsored research. The fee supports the administrative and regulatory compliance for these sponsored studies.

    The fee is a one-time service fee and is separate from any charges incurred by the sponsor for using the external IRB. Payment of the fee is not contingent upon the approval of the study.

             - If an external IRB (Advarra, WIRB, etc.) reviews the study, the institutional fee will now be $1,500 (increase of $500)

             - If the local Stony Brook University IRB reviews the study, the combined IRB/institutional fee will now be $3,500.00 for full board review (increase of $500) or $1,450 for expedited review (increase of $500).

    If the sponsor fails to pay the fee within 90 days, the PI’s department will be responsible for payment.

    These fees will be implemented October 1, 2020. Any studies submitted on or after this date will be required to use the updated form that will be available in the myResearch IRB library.

  • COVID-19 Guidance for Human Subjects Research can be accessed HERE or at the below links:

    Guidance for Researchers Conducting Human Subject Research  (July 16, 2020)

    Uniform Guidance Provided to Study Participants (Handout in English)

    Uniform Guidance Provided to Study Participants (Handout in Spanish)

    Additional Guidance - Studies Previously Placed on Hold (June 23, 2020)

     FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions regarding your human subjects activities can be accessed here  

  • Notification of Transition from IRBNet to myRESEARCH  Safety:

    Beginning Monday, December 16, 2019, the Office of Research Compliance (ORC) will require that all new and continuing reviews for Biosafety and Stem cell research be submitted in the myResearch Safety system. The portal to the myResearch Safety system will be available at on December 16, 2019.

    Amendments will continue to be submitted to IRBNet. Studies (initial and continuing reviews) as well as amendments that are currently in IRBNet and that are not yet approved will remain in IRBNet.

    The following study information for all active studies will be transferred to myResearch Safety on December 16 th: IRBNet ID number, study title, PI name, initial approval date, submission date and project expiration date.

    As studies come up for continuing review, documents from the last approval will be uploaded into myResearch Safety for that study. If you are unable to locate a study shell for an upcoming continuing review, please email Please include the IRBNet ID number in your email.

    In an effort to make this transition as smooth as possible, the ORC will continue to offer training sessions for the campus community. Training sessions will be available at locations on both West and East campuses. To sign up for training, please contact Erin Augello in the Office of Research Compliance at  

  • Notification of Transition from IRBNet to  myRESEARCH   IRB:

     As a reminder, all studies that were approved in IRBNet since February 27 th  2019 will need to be renewed in myRESEARCH IRB at the time of continuing review. These studies will not remain indefinitely in IRBNet. Once your study reaches the time period for continuing review you will be required to open a continuing review and modification application. Opening both applications will allow you to complete all required pages for the first continuing review for your study in myRESEARCH IRB. Additionally, studies in IRBNet that have not been approved either initially or through the continuing review process must now be opened in myRESEARCH IRB.

    The portal to the myRESEARCH IRB system is available at The myResearch IRB instruction manuals and checklists is available here.

    For questions, please contact the Office of Research Compliance at