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Professional Licensing

A professional license is the authorization to practice and use a professional title. In New York State your licence application is reviewed by the Office of Professions.

Please follow these steps to begin the process:

  1. Request the Licensing Form from your professional program at Stony Brook University;
  2. Complete the Licensing Form and return to your professional program at Stony Brook University;
  3. Your professional program will complete the appropriate sections and forward the form to the University Registrar for Certification;
  4. The University Registrar will certify the form and mail to the NYS Office of Professions;
  5. Review the link below to the NYS licensure home page for your profession. The NYS licensure page will indicate what date the Office of Professions are currently reviewing. This will give you an idea of where you stand in the process.
Area of Licensure
Professional Program Coordinator
Dental Medicine