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Psychology URECA Talks

Listen and support our psychology undergraduate students as they present their research! 

Psychology URECA 2020 Flyer

Honor's program list:

Stephanie Fan: “Hands as a Weapon: the Weapon Focus Effect of hands in a threatening context”

Matthew Fecik: “Pattern discrimination learning induced adult neurogenesis in the turtle brain using Brdu/c-Fos immunohistochemistry”

Kelly Gair: “Longitudinal Associations Between Preschool Dimensions of Psychopathology and Subsequent Childhood Diagnoses”

Ramya Kumar: “The impact of academic competence beliefs on psychosocial wellbeing during college”

Tiffany Leung: “Representational momentum: The effects of stationary threat”

Emily Rae Napoli: “The Effect of Generative vs. Repetitive Production on Novel Language Comprehension”

Sara Rosenquist: “Childhood Neuro Reactivity to Emotional Stimuli Predicts the Influence of Stress on Functional Outcome Patterns in Adolescence”