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Psych Café is one of our most popular social events among undergraduate students. The goal of these biweekly meetings is to provide students an opportunity to network with faculty members from the Psychology Department and CAPS.

Faculty members will introduce the research they are conducting and answer students' questions regarding research, graduate school applications, counseling, etc. The Spring 2022 Psych Cafe is held on the following date from 2:30 to 3:30 pm with the following guest speakers:
Friday, Feb 25th (Dr. Turhan Canli, Integrative Neuroscience); Zoom Link
Friday, Mar 11th (Dr. Brady Nelson, Clinical Psychology); Zoom Link
Friday, Mar 25th (Professor Joy Bolger); Zoom Link
Friday, Apr 8th (Dr. Susan Brennan, Cognitive Science); Zoom Link
Friday, Apr 22nd (Dr. Julian Pessier, Director of CAPS); Zoom Link 

Psych cafe pic