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Mentor Qualifications

Qualifications to Apply

  • peer mentor pictureStudents must have a GPA of at least 3.2
  • Students must be currently declared the Psychology major
  • Students must have completed PSY 103 and at least two 200-level PSY courses and one 300-level PSY course
  • Students must have 9 or more credits of upper-division coursework completed/in progress at the time of application
  • Students should be involved on campus and have a good knowledge of the department of Psychology and Stony Brook resources
If you are in progress of completing upper division credits or have concerns regarding the credit or GPA requirement please email:

Mentor Responsibilities

  • Meet with each of their mentees (1-2) for at least 30 minutes per week
  • Help their mentees become familiar with campus resources and events
  • Submit bi-weekly journal entries
  • Attend monthly meetings with Psychology staff and all mentors
  • Attend academic/social events of the program when possible
  • Reach out to other new psych majors by email and encourage them to participate in our events.

Benefits for Mentors

  • 1 credit of PSY 488 (Internship)
  • Work with Stony Brook and Psychology faculty/staff
  • New networking opportunities through their student leadership position
  • Improve interpersonal and communication skills necessary in any career
  • Help plan events for students
  • Build their resume
  • Act as a role model for students new to campus 

To apply to be a Peer Mentor, please fill out the application. The deadline to apply to become a Peer Mentor is May 18th.