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An internship is the perfect way to gain experiential learning while preparing you for a career after graduation.

PSY 488 Internship

Community Service and Internship Opportunities Related to Psychology

Note: The PSY 488 contract (see EXP+ Contract for Department of Psychology) must be completed with faculty approval at least 2 weeks prior to the start of the semester. 

The PSY 488 Internship is designed to allow students to receive academic credit for a career focused experience in psychology that does not have a major focus on research. Students must be accepted into an internship experience before registering for credit.  Please note, PSY 488 will not count toward the Psychology major, but students will fulfill the EXP+ SBC requirement.

Note that you must have a faculty sponsor within the Psychology Department for the internship. Students should begin making plans at least one semester in advance to arrange for a sponsor. If students select an internship not on the pre-approved list, permission of both the internship office and Psychology’s Director of Undergraduate Studies is required.

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 To apply for permission to enroll in PSY 488, please submit the EXP+ Contract for Department of Psychology.

EXT 488 Internship

Psychology majors who are engaged in a career-related internship outside the Psychology department may also apply for credit (e.g. a PSY major with a marketing internship). To receive academic credit outside the major department, students must still have a faculty sponsor, but will register for a Career Center EXT course.

Students may enroll in EXT 488 Internship through the Career Center (Melville Library, W-0550). The Internship Office will provide you with a list of pre-approved internships as well as a list of requirements for obtaining credit.

Registering for Internship Credit 

Handshake is the Stony Brook University employer database, containing thousands of employer  records. Handshake is the first resource you should use to identify employers and apply for internships. Hundreds of opportunities are posted every semester.

Handshake is used for ALL employment – part-time jobs, work-study, on-campus employment, community service positions, gap-year opportunities, and full-time post-graduation positions. For help using  Handshake, stop by the Career Center during business hours. 

Note that the University limits the total number of all internship credits to 12.