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Shenade Charles

  Shenade Charles

Undergraduate College/University:  Stony Brook University

Major (Minor):   Psychology and Sociology

Graduation Year:  2018


Hello everyone! My name is Shenade Charles. I was born in Guyana, after which I moved to England and then New York. I currently live in Massapequa, NY.

I majored in Psychology and Sociology at Stony Brook University during which I was a research assistant in Dr. O'Leary's RFAC lab where we investigated the relationship between testosterone, cortisol and intimate partner violence. I graduated from Stony Brook in May 2018 and took a gap year to build upon my clinical and research experience. Thus, I continued my role as a research assistant in Dr O'Leary's lab where I help to recruit, assess eligibility and obtain consent from participants who have recently encountered mild traumatic brain injuries. The study aims to investigate the impact that head injuries have on patient adjustment and their relationship with their romantic partner.

I also volunteer as a hotline crisis counselor where I provide support to at-risk populations such as people with suicidal ideations and psychological disorders. In addition, I volunteer as a hospital advocate where I accompany victims of sexual assault, child abuse and domestic violence during their hospital visits. I look forward to continuing my studies at Stony Brook and I hope to build upon my research and clinical experience.

After completing my MA, my goal is to pursue a PHD in Clinical or Counseling Psychology. I am primarily interested in practicing psychology to help survivors of sexual assault, intimate partner violence, child abuse, etc., overcome their trauma. However, I also hope to carry out research on the mechanisms that determine resilience.

I enjoy traveling, going to the gym and dancing.