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Jessica Granieri

Jessica Granieri

  Undergraduate College/University:  University of Delaware

Major (Minor):   Psychology (Disability Studies)

Graduation Year:  2018


Hi everyone! I'm Jessica Granieri, and I was born and raised on Long Island, in the town of Kings Park.

Last Spring, I graduated a year early with a BA in psychology and a minor in disability studies from the University of Delaware. During my time at UD, I was a research assistant in a psychology and linguistics lab where I studied perspective taking abilities in young children. Additionally, I spent a summer in Dr. Cimpian's Cognitive Development Lab at NYU, which looks into various stigmas and biases in children, and at what age these stigmas develop.

During my final year at UD, I also had the opportunity to intern at Mid Atlantic Behavioral Health Clinic in Newark, Delaware, where I shadowed many psychologists during intakes, PCIT sessions, supervision and assessments. This internship provided me with amazing opportunities not only to shadow, but to interact with various clients, score psychological assessments and assist in leading one women's support group and two social skill groups for children on the spectrum and/or with ADHD.

After graduation, I decided to take a gap year, where I worked as an ABA provider for children with disabilities through Helping Hands Children's Services. This academic hiatus gave me the opportunity to gain some life experience in my field of interest, and to get a better idea of my career goals and research interests. I am very excited to start this program and to continue to work towards my goal of becoming a clinical child psychologist and BCBA. I especially look forward to working in Dr. Lerner's Social Competence and Treatment Lab, exploring how children with autism spectrum disorders navigate their social environment and looking into various interventions to assist in social competence.