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Howard Rachlin, Ph.D.

Harvard University (1965)
Research Professor: Emeritus Distinguished Professor, Cognitive Science


Office: Psychology B-146

Phone: (631) 632-7807

Research Interests:

Studying choice and decision-making in humans and non-humans with the aim of understanding the psychological and economic basis of self-control, addiction, social cooperation, and altruism.  

Current Research:

Dr. Rachlin's research focuses on patterning of choice over time and its effect on self-control (cooperation across time within an individual) and social cooperation (cooperation across social space). 

Articles, Chapters and Reviews:

Rachlin, H., Safin, V., & Arfer, K.B. (2015). The attraction of gambling. Journal of The Experimental Analysis of Behavior, 103 , 260-266.

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Rachlin, H., Arfer, K.B., Safin, V., & Yen, M. (2015). The amount effect and marginal value. Journal of The Experimental Analysis of Behavior. 104, 1-6.

Rachlin, H. (2015). Choice architecture. A review of:  “Why nudge: The politics of libertarian paternalism” by Cass R. Sunstein. Journal of The Experimental Analysis of Behavior, 104 198-203.

Rachlin, H. (2015) Self-control based on soft commitment. The Behavior Analyst, 104, 198-203.

Rachlin, H. (in press). Social cooperation and self-control. Managerial and Decision Economics.

Rachlin, H. (in press).  Addiction and social choice. In N. Heather & Segal, G. Addiction and Choice. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Vanderveldt, A., Green, L. & Rachlin, H. (in press). Discounting by probabilistic waiting.  Journal of Behavioral Decision Making.


Rachlin, H. (2000). The science of self-control. Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press.

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