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Departmental & University Requirements 

For information pertaining to University policies relevant to graduate students, please visit SBU's Graduate School
For a list of the steps you need to complete, please follow this link: Student Progress Checklist
Forms for steps needed are here: Forms
All students must satisfy the breadth course requirement. For the breadth course requirement rules and a list of breadth courses follow this link:  Breadth Course Syllabi
For a scheduling of breadth courses follow this link: Breadth Course Rotation
Students must fulfill the teaching requirement of 2 SDI assignments. Follow this Link for information about the SDI requirement: SDI (Substantial Direct Instruction) Requirement
Area Requirements

For information pertaining to Departmental policies and program requirements, please visit the following links below:
Integrative Neuroscience Program Requirements
Clinical Psychology Program Requirements
Cognitive Science Program Requirements
Social and Health Program Requirements


Advanced Certificates

Cognitive Neuroscience (link to
Quantitative Methods(link to

Funding for graduate students may be found here: Graduate Funding
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