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Campus Resources


Stony Brook Graduate Student Organization:  

Counseling and Psychological Services 

Center for Prevention and Outreach  

The following webpage contains links to many relevant student services (especially see the section on “Where to Get Help”):


Diversity at SBU: Campus Resources

Center for Inclusive Education

Office of Institutional Diversity and Equity

Dean of Students Diversity Resources

The Interfaith Center

Office of Multicultural Affairs

Wo/Men’s and Gender Resource Center

LGBTQ* Services

Disability Support Services

Veteran’s Affairs

International Students: Health Insurance

International Students: Financial Aid Information

International Students: Human Resources

International Students: Visa and Immigration Services

Office of Global Affairs

The University President, Dr. Samuel Stanley’s, “Plan for Equity, Inclusion, and Diversity”

Presidential Mini-Grants for Departmental Diversity

Diversity Day

SUNY diversity vision and mission:

University Non-discrimination policy

University equal opportunity/affirmative action policy:

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