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Provost Lecture Series Guidelines

The Provost Lecture Series (PLS) has become a popular vehicle for supporting distinguished lecture visits to campus. To manage this popular demand and to ensure transparency in the application and awarding process, the following guidelines go into effect on 06/01/2012. These guidelines support the intended goal of the PLS, which is to fund 8 fall lectures and 8 spring lectures with a financial contribution not to exceed $1,000 per lecture.


Applications will be "first come, first considered" until the target limit of 8 funded lectures per semester is filled.

Acceptance of past applications is no guarantee of acceptance for future applications. Regularly scheduled events that have been awarded a recent provost lecture will be assigned to a “wait list”.

All applications, and all details concerning applications, must be submitted in writing (e-mail is acceptable). Due by: June 1st for fall proposals and November 1st for spring proposals.  Submit applications to

An application will be assigned "pending" status. Pending status does not guarantee a lecture spot.


Evaluation is based on the status of the lecturer.  Applications must include a CV of the proposed lecturer (or a biographical equivalent as per the standard of the lecturer’s field).

Evaluation is also based upon the likelihood of a sizeable audience.

Based upon review and recommendation by appropriate Stony Brook faculty members, the Provost's designee will determine whether the proposed lecture will be supported.

Confirmation of a positive or negative decision by the Provost’s designee must be given in writing (e-mail is acceptable).

Under appeal, the written decision of the Provost is final.

With a positive evaluation, an application is assigned "confirmed" status and guaranteed a lecture spot.

Provost Support

  • Financial contribution of, at most, $1,000
  • The Office of the Provost will promote the lecture as follows:
    • Prepare and distribute the Provost’s Lecture Series 11 x 17 poster to our points of contact throughout campus. We will forward 6 - 12 copies of the poster as needed for you as well to display in your area.
    • Post lecture on Provost’s Lecture Series website.
    • Promote lecture in Happenings Newsletter, OVPR Research News, and Student/Commuter List Serv
    • Process campus announcement and separate Provostial e-mail broadcast to all faculty/staff and students the week of the lecture
  • If requested (in writing), the Provost or Provost designee, if their schedule allows, will provide an introduction for the lecture.

Use of Support Funds

Provost office support funding for a PLS may only be used toward: speaker honorarium, travel costs for the speaker, lodging costs for the speaker, speaker meals, and at most a single "lecture dinner or reception" with the speaker in attendance.


In the case in which a confirmed application requests no financial support from the Office of the Provost, the provost's office is willing to add the lecture as an additional provost lecture (beyond the limit of 8) in the semester requested. For such a lecture, the provost's office will still provide its promotion, advertising and introduction services.

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