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Academic Affairs Curriculum Review Committee

The core goal of the Academic Affairs Curriculum Review Committee (AACRC) is to ensure that all curricular changes with financial or interdepartmental implications have provostial oversight. This Committee will provide a budgetary and operational review of SUNY academic program proposals, local curricular changes with potential impact to other units or the budget, and recommendations made by the SBC Implementation Committee. The AACRC will determine whether proposals are consistent with overall programmatic goals, operationally feasible, and fiscally viable. It will also consider whether proposals integrate assessment into the planning and improvement of academic programs and curriculum.

Structure and Process

Schools and Colleges will complete a preliminary submission form for any proposed curricular changes with financial or interdepartmental implications. The Academic Affairs Curriculum Review Committee will conduct a precursory review to identify any issues before a full proposal is completed (when applicable). The Committee will also share this preliminary submission form with all Associate Deans for Curriculum (or a faculty designee), the Vice Provost for Graduate and Professional Education (or their designee), and the Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education (or their designee). During this two-week “comment period,” people may bring forward any feedback or concerns to the Committee. Any significant issues that are surfaced will be brought to the attention of the University Provost to make a final decision. Upon completion of the preliminary review, the Committee will communicate a decision to the School or College. Once Schools or Colleges have received notification of approval from the Committee, they may proceed with their local curricular change or submit the SUNY academic program proposal to The Committee will review this proposal and, upon reconciliation of any issues, finalize the submission process to SUNY.

Detailed information on Academic Program Proposals is available here.

Committee Membership

  • Kara DeSanna, Assistant Provost for Learning Outcomes and Operations (co-chair)
  • Laura Lindenfeld-Sher, Vice Provost for Academic Strategy and Planning (co-chair)
  • Andrei Antonenko, Senior Analyst and Assessment Specialist
  • D. Kane Gillespie, Director of Academic Assessment
  • TBA, Associate Vice President for Academic Budget and Financial Planning (or designee)




Preliminary Submission Form