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Tiger Teams

Tiger TeamsCongress has signaled bipartisan support for basic and applied research via the United States Innovation and Competition Act (USICA) and the National Science Foundation for the Future Act. Stony Brook is taking proactive steps to prepare to compete for these federal sponsorship opportunities by creating focused "Tiger Teams".  In this pilot program, ten focus areas for each team were determined by examining a section of the USICA that outlined the scope of the proposed new NSF Directorate. 

Each Tiger Team is tasked with identifying SBU’s strengths and assets in their area, forecasting the most likely areas for new investments by federal sponsors, and assessing how well Stony Brook aligns with funding opportunities. Tiger Teams are evaluating ten key areas:

    1. Artificial intelligence, Machine learning, Autonomy and related advances
    2. High-performance computing, Semiconductors, Advanced computer hardware/software
    3. Quantum information science and technology
    4. Robotics, Automation, and Advanced manufacturing
    5. Climate change and National and Anthropogenic Disaster Prevention/Mitigation
    6. Advanced communications technology and Immersive technology
    7. Biotechnology, Medical technology, Genomics and Synthetic biology
    8. Advanced energy, Industrial efficiency technologies including batteries, and Advanced nuclear technologies
    9. Data storage, Data management, Distributed ledger technologies and cybersecurity, Biometrics
    10. Advanced materials science including composites and 2D materials