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SBU Leadership Academy Fellows

The program: Leadership Academy Fellows will be selected every year from a pool of Associate Professors nominated by Departmental Chairs. All schools and colleges will be eligible to submit nominations. Nominations will be made in early Fall and the selection of the Fellows announced by November 1st.

The Fellows will participate in leadership workshops during the Spring semester. The workshops will cover topics on Leadership Styles and Strengths; Ways to promote trust; Strategic Thinking; Leading effective change and maintaining the course; Ways to promote teamwork and collaboration; and Managing conflict.

During the Spring semester, Fellows will be requested to develop a proposal for a ‘leadership practicum’ under the guidance of a senior leader at the university. The practicum should be relevant to the leadership interests of each Fellow. The practicum will be pursued during the summer months. For the duration of their Leadership Academy participation, Fellows will be encouraged to join/sit through appropriate meetings of the University Senior Leadership, such as the University Council, SteerCo, or the Provost Advisory Group. They will also be expected to attend a non-SBU workshop/conference focused on leadership.

Upon completion of the practicum at the end of July, Fellows will attend a closing ceremony at which they discuss their experiences during the training, present the outcomes of their practicum, and provide feedback on the program.

Creating such a Leadership academy benefits not only the Fellows, but also the University as a whole.

Benefits for the Fellows include making them aware of and training them in effective leadership styles in the context of higher education, familiarizing them with issues that occur and affect institutions of higher education, and helping them develop a network of colleagues with similar ambitions and goals who can serve as a resource when they undertake future leadership responsibilities.

Benefits for the University include the new perspectives that the Fellows bring to the table, the preparation of new leadership for the future of the institution, the nurturing and engagement of ‘younger’ colleagues who are connected and loyal to the institution, and the completion of specific, beneficial short-term projects.

Should the Fellows decide to continue their practicum beyond the time assigned to the program annually, they can arrange to do so with their senior leader mentors.

Schedule of Workshops for 2017-18


Opening Retreat: Thursday, February 1

Led by Dr. Jason Lane & Dr. Scott Vinciguerra

  • Setting the Stage Successful Leadership at Stony Brook University: Trends affecting today’s leaders
  • 360 Leadership Skills Inventory
  • Engaging Self-Awareness
  • Networking Lunch and Panel Discussion with Senior Leaders
  • Influencing Others: Leading Through Trust


Mid-term Workshop: Thursday, March 22

Led by Dr. Jason Lane

  • Leading Academic Innovation
  • Situational Leadership: Using the four-frame model in your work as an academic leader
  • The Changing Dynamics of Higher Education: Shifting from isolation to collaboration to student success


Capstone Event & Graduation: Monday, May 7

Led by Dr. Scott Vinciguerra

  • Change Management: Vision, Implementation & Communication
  • Managing Conflict in Teams
  • Strategic Visioning: Planning Your Future