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  • Recent Awards
  • Guggenheim Fellowships to Assist Research and Artistic Creation
    • Often characterized as "midcareer" awards, Guggenheim Fellowships are intended for men and women who have already demonstrated exceptional capacity for productive scholarship or exceptional creative ability in the arts.
  • Pew Scholarships
    • The Pew Scholars Program in the Biomedical Sciences provides funding to young investigators of outstanding promise in science relevant to the advancement of human health. The program makes grants to selected academic institutions to support the independent research of outstanding individuals who are in their first few years of their appointment at the assistant professor level.Pew fellowship in Marine Conservation support research to improve ocean conservation and management.
  • Sloan Fellowships
    • The Sloan Research Fellowships seek to stimulate fundamental research by early-career scientists and scholars of outstanding promise. These two-year fellowships are awarded yearly to 126 researchers in recognition of distinguished performance and a unique potential to make substantial contributions to their field.
  • Packard Fellowships for Science and Engineering
    • Fellowships for Science and Engineering allow the nation’s most promising professors to pursue science and engineering research early in their careers with few funding restrictions and limited reporting requirements.

Recent Awards

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    Guggenheim Fellowships to Assist Research and Artistic Creation

    Name Category Year Comment
    Matthew Barnson Music Composition 2015
    Rowan Ricardo Phillips Poetry 2015
    Robert Lazarsfeld Mathematics 1998
    Mark Aronoff Linguistics 2014
    William Chittick Translation 2014
    Eva Kittay Philosophy 2014
    John M. Alexander Chemistry 1969 (Emeritus)
    Philip Allen Physics 2002
    Ray Anderson Music 2001
    Javier Auyero Sociology 2000 (now at UT Austin)
    Konrad F. Bieber French Literature 1957 (1968-86, Emeritus, d. 2006)
    Jacob Bigeleisen Chemistry 1974
    Michel Bogart Fine Arts Research 2001
    Daniel F Bogenhagen Medicine and Health 1990
    Karl S. Bottingheimer British History 1973 (Emeritus)
    Frederick Brown French Literature 1970 (Emeritus)
    David B. Burner U.S. History 1973
    Benjamin Chu Chemistry 1968
    Stephen Cole Sociology 1978 (Emeritus)
    Barry S. Coller Medicine and Health 1982 (1976-1993, now at The Rockefeller University)
    Lewis A. Coser Sociology 1975
    Rose Laub Coser Sociology 1979
    Ruth Schwartz Cowan History of Science and Technology 1988 (now at The University of Pennsylvania)
    Cornelius Eady Poetry 1993 (now at University of Missouri)
    Nicholas Fisher Earth Science 2004
    John Gwynn Fleagle Anthropology and Cultural Studies 1982
    Harold Leo Friedman Chemistry 1957
    Douglas J. Futuyma Organismic Biology and Ecology 1992
    David D. Gilmore Folklore and Popular Culture 2002
    Paul Gootenberg Iberian and Latin American History 1993
    Paul D. Grannis Physics 2000
    Mark Granovetter Sociology 1981 (1977-1992, now at Stanford)
    Oscar Alfred Haac French Literature 1957 (Emeritus)
    Alice C. Harris Linguistics 2009 (2005-09, now at University of Massachussetts)
    Agnes Weiyun He Anthropology and Cultural Studies 2011
    Jainendra K. Jain Physics 1996
    Philip Johnson Chemistry 1982 (Emeritus)
    Temma Kaplan Intellectual and Cultural History 1996 (now at Rutgers)
    Janos Kirz Applied Mathematics 1985 (Emeritus)
    Thomas Kranidas English Literature 1972 (Emeritus)
    Richard F. Kuisel French History 1988 (now at Georgetown)
    Donald B. Kuspit Fine Arts Research 1977 (Emeritus)
    Brooke Larson Iberian and Latin American History 2006
    James Lattimer Astronomy-Astrophysics 1999
    H. Blaine Lawson Mathematics 1983
    Billy Jim Layton Music Composition 1963
    Jeffrey S. Levinton Organismic Biology and Ecology 1983
    Mikhail Lyubich Mathematics 2002
    Peter J. Manning English Literature 1981
    Gary Marker Russian History 2007
    Gary G. Matthews Neuroscience 1987
    Axel Meyer Organismic Biology and Ecology 1996 (now at University of Konstanz)
    Sachiko Murata Translation 2011
    Homer Neal Physics 1980 (1981-87, now at University of Michigan)
    Iwao Ojima Chemistry 1995
    Luis A. Orozco Physics 1998
    Kathlyn A. Parker Chemistry 1987
    Howardena D. Pindell Fine Arts 1987
    Pedro Carrasco Pizana Anthropology and Cultural Studies 1951
    Leonardo Rastelli Physics 2013
    Elias Rivers Spanish and Portuguese Literature 1959 (Emeritus)
    Martin Rocek Physics 1991
    Charles Rosen Music Research 1973
    James B. Rule Sociology 1976 (currently at UC Berkeley School of Law)
    Carl Safina Science Writing 2010
    Jeffrey A. Segal Political Science 2011
    S. Murray Sherman Neuroscience 2000 (now at University of Chicago)
    Sheila Silver Music Composition 2013
    Louis Simpson Poetry 1962
    Lawrence Slobodkin Organismic Biology and Ecology 1961
    Lawrence Slobodkin Organismic Biology and Ecology 1974
    Robert R. Sokal Organismic Biology and Ecology 1975
    George Stell Physics 1984 (Emeritus)
    George Sterman Physics 1985
    Rolf Sternglanz Molecular and Cellular Biology 1997
    Sidney Strickland Molecular and Cellular Biology 1998 (now at Rockefeller University)
    Barbara Weinstein Iberian and Latin American History 1998 (now at NYU)
    William Ira Weisberger Physics 1974 (Emeritus)
    George C. Williams Organismic Biology and Ecology 1988
    Kathleen Wilson British History 2001
    Amos Yahil Astronomy-Astrophysics 1984 (Emeritus)
    Chen Ning Yang Physics 1962 (Emeritus)

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    Pew Scholarships

    Name Category Year Comment
    Demian Chapman SoMAS 2014
    James B. Bliska Neurobiology 1994
    Jorge E. Galan Microbiology 1990 (now at Yale)
    Nancy Hollingsworth Biochemistry 1996
    A. Wali Karzai Biochemistry 2003
    Maurice Kernan Neurobiology 1997
    Caroline Kisker Pharmacology 2000 (now at University of Wurzburg)
    Daniel Raleigh Chemistry 1995
    Carl Safina SoMAS 1991
    Ellen Pikitch SoMAS 2000

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    Sloan Fellowships

    Name Category Year Comment
    Song Sun Mathematics 2014
    Robert Lazarsfeld Mathematics 1984
    Alexander Abanov Physics 2001
    Paul Adams Neurobiology 1979 (now at U. of Texas Medical Branch)
    Igor Aleiner Physics 1998
    John M. Alexander Chemistry 1964
    Philip B. Allen Physics 1973
    Scott L. Anderson Chemistry 1988
    Christopher Bishop Mathematics 1992
    Adam Burrows Physics 1985
    Sudip Chakravarty Physics 1982
    Jeff Cheeger Mathematics 1970
    Benjamin Chu Chemistry 1966 (now at U. of Kansas)
    Daniel M. Davis Physics 1988
    Jimmie D. Doll Chemistry 1976
    Ronald G. Douglas Mathematics 1968
    Dale Drueckhammer Chemistry 1996 (now at Stanford)
    Leslie Craig Evinger Neuroscience 1992
    Hershel M. Farkas Mathematics 1970
    Joseph Fetcho Neuroscience 1992
    Daniel Freedman Physics 1969
    Michael D. Fried Mathematics 1971
    James W. Gnadt Neuroscience 1993
    Vladimir J. Goldman Physics 1989
    Paul Grannis Physics 1968
    Clare P. Grey Chemistry 1998
    Albert Haim Chemistry 1964 (Emeritus)
    David M. Hanson Chemistry 1972
    Noboru Hirota Chemistry 1967
    Terence Tai-Li Hwa Physics 1995
    Andrew D. Jackson, Jr. Physics 1971
    Jainendra Jain Physics 1991
    Zurab Kakushadze Physics 2001
    Marcus A. Khuri Mathematics 2008
    Janos Kirz Physics 1970
    Peter M. Koch Physics 1978 (now at Yale)
    James M. Lattimer Physics 1982
    Henry B. Laufer Mathematics 1976
    Paul C. Lauterbur Chemistry 1965
    Radu Laza Mathematics 2010
    Benjamin W. Lee Physics 1963
    Jack J. Lissauer Physics 1987
    Mikhail Lyubich Mathematics 1991
    Bernard Maskit Mathematics 1969 (Emeritus, now at MIT)
    Gary G. Matthews Neuroscience 1980
    Barry M. McCoy Physics 1973
    Yair Minsky Mathematics 1995
    Tapan Mitra Economics 1981
    William T. Newsome Neuroscience 1985
    Kathlyn Parker Chemistry 1977
    Peter Paul Physics 1967
    Glenn D. Prestwich Chemistry 1981
    Hong Qin Computer Science 2001
    Chris Quigg Physics 1974
    Fausto Ramirez Chemistry 1961
    Raanan Schul Mathematics 2010
    Sheryl A. Scott Neuroscience 1981
    Frank H. Shu Physics 1972
    Sanford R. Simon Chemistry 1972
    Ralf Spatzier Mathematics 1988
    Joel H. Spencer Mathematics 1977
    Gene D. Sprouse Physics 1972
    Johanna Stachel Physics 1986
    Stephen E. Strom Physics 1970
    Derek Teany Physics 2008
    Gang Tian Mathematics 1991
    Peter Tonge Chemistry 2001
    William Weisberger Physics 1967 (now at Princeton)
    Jerry L. Whitten Chemistry 1969
    Stanislaus S. Wong Chemistry 2006
    Shing-Tung Yau Mathematics 1974
    Aleksey Zinger Mathematics 2006

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    Packard Fellowships for Science and Engineering

    Name Category Year Comment
    Igor Aleiner Physics 1998 (now at Columbia)

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