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Strategic Hiring Plans: Spring 2022

Budget process timeline

Information for Deans

Memo from Provost to Deans (updated February 2022)

Hiring Plan Instructions for Deans (updated February 2022)

Informations for Centers and Institute Directors

Memo from Provost to Centers and Institute Directors (updated March 2022)

Hiring Plan Instructions for Centers and Institutes (updated March 2022)

Authorization to Reruit Forms

Authorization to Recruit Forms (updated February 2022)

Budget Manual

Office of the Provost Budget Manual for Fiscal Year 2022-2023 (Sept 23, 2022)


IMPORTANT: The PCR Form is now a Google Form. Please note that all fields on this form must be filled in, use N/A if a field does not apply. To access the form, you must be logged in to your Stony Brook Google account.

A completed PDF version of the filled out PCR Google form will be sent to your email. Once received, please obtain the necessary signatures and then submit the signed PDF document for processing using the same PCR submission procedure that you have currently been following.

Position/Compensation Request Form

Travel Pre-Approval Form

Equipment Pre-Approval Form