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The Stony Brook University Office of Academic Assessment

The Office of Academic Assessment provides leadership and support of the University’s efforts to create a collective mindset of meaningful and continuous improvement in both student learning and administrative processes.  Our primary focus is on student learning, and our vision is to add value to the multifaceted efforts of the university to support students.  To this end, the office provides consulting support, workshops, campus events and web-based resources to schools, departments, and programs in the development and implementation of learning outcomes assessment for degrees, certificates, and general education.  

The University will use evidence about student achievement of learning objectives for further improvement and alignment of the curriculum.   Academic assessment is for curricular purposes; The university will use evidence gathered from it to analyze learning outcomes, refine and strengthen curriculums, and document student progress for purposes of improvement.  Published data will be aggregated at the department level or higher.
For more information, please navigate our website or email us.