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West Campus Deans, Directors, and Department Chairs

College of ARTS AND SCIENCES (CAS): Nicole Sampson, Interim Dean
Departments: Africana Studies Tracey Walters, Chair
  Anthropology Frederick Grine, Chair
  Art Margaret Schedel, Chair
  Asian and Asian-American Studies Agnes He, Chair
  Biochemistry and Cell Biology Aaron Neiman, Chair
  Chemistry Nancy Goroff, Chair
  Cultural Studies and Comparative Literature Robert Harvey, Chair
  Ecology and Evolution Robert Thacker, Chair
  Economics Juan Carlos Conesa, Chair
  English Celia Marshik, Chair
  European Languages, Literatures and Cultures Sarah Jourdain, Interim Chair
  Geosciences Brian Phillips, Chair
  Hispanic Languages and Literature Daniela Flesler, Interim Chair
  History Paul Gootenberg, Chair
  Linguistics Lori Repetti, Chair
  Mathematics Alexander Kirillov, Chair
  Music Perry Goldstein, Chair
  Neurobiology and Behavior Alfredo Fontanini, Chair
  Pharmacology Michael A. Frohman, Chair
  Philosophy Robert Crease, Chair
  Physics and Astronomy Axel Drees, Chair
  Political Science Leonie Huddy, Chair
  Psychology Sheri Levy, Chair
  Sociology Daniel Levy, Chair
  Theatre Arts Nick Mangano, Chair
  Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Mary Jo Bona, Chair
Programs: Program in Writing and Rhetoric Roger Thompson, Director
  Undergraduate Biology Program John Peter Gergen, Director
Institutes: Humanities Institute Adrian Perez Melgosa, Director


College of ENGINEERING AND APPLIED SCIENCE (CEAS): Fotis Sotiropoulos, Dean
Departments: Applied Math and Statistics Hongshik Ahn, Chair
  Biomedical Engineering Stefan Judex, Interim Chair
  Civil Engineering Rigoberto Burgueno, Chair
  Computer Science Samir Das, Chair
  Electrical and Computer Engineering Petar M. Djuric, Chair
  Materials Science and Engineering Dilip Gersappe, Interim Chair
  Mechanical Engineering Qiaode Ge, Chair
  Technology and Society Wolf Schafer, Interim Chair


College of BUSINESS: Manuel London, Dean


  Undergraduate Colleges Charles Robbins, Dean
  Honors College Jessica Klare, Director
Anne Moyer, Faculty Director
  University Scholars Brian Colle, Faculty Director
  Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities (URECA) Karen Kernan, Director


  Graduate School Eric Wertheimer, Dean
  School of Professional Development Patricia Malone, Associate Vice President for Professional Education
  School of Journalism Laura Lindenfeld Sher, Interim Dean
  School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences Paul Shepson, Dean


LIBRARY: Shafeek Fazal, Interim Dean


Stony Brook SOUTHAMPTON:  
  Southampton Arts Robert Reeves, Associate Provost
  MFA Program in Writing and Literature Julie Sheehan, Director


INSTITUTES Reporting to Provost:  
  C.N. Yang Institute for Theoretical Physics George Sterman, Director
  Institute for Advanced Computational Science Robert J. Harrison, Director
  Institute of Chemical Biology and Drug Discovery Iwao Ojima, Director
  Institute for Mathematical Sciences Mikhail Lyubich, Co-Director
John Milnor, Co-Director
  Joint Photon Sciences Institute John B. Parise, Director
  Turkana Basin Institute Lawrence Martin, Director
Richard Leakey, Chair
  Institute for STEM Education Keith Sheppard, Director


CENTERS Reporting to Provost:  
  Alan Alda Center for Communicating Science Laura Lindenfeld-Sher, Executive Director
  Center for Developmental Genetics J. Peter Gergen, Director
  Center for Biotechnology Clinton T. Rubin, Director
  Centre ValBio Patricia Wright, Director
  Laufer Center for Computational Biology and Genome Sciences Ken Dill, Director
  Simons Center for Geometry and Physics Luis Alvarez-Gaume, Director
  Staller Center for the Arts Alan Inkles, Director


PROGRAMS Reporting to the Provost:
  Sea Grant Extension Program Rebecca L. Shuford, Director


CONSORTIA Reporting to Provost:  
  Consortium for Inter-Disciplinary Environmental Research (CIDER) Nicholas S. Fisher, Director


University-Wide Administrative Units:
  Academic and Transfer Advising Services Deborah Serling, Director
  Academic Success and Tutoring Center Shannon Jayne, Director
  Admissions Judith Berhannan, Dean
  Enrollment and Retention Management Rodney Morrison, Associate Provost
  Educational Opportunity Program/Advancement on Individual Merit (EOP/AIM) Pamela Matzner, Director
  Financial Aid & Scholarship Services Jacqueline Pascariello, Director
  Health Sciences Office of Student Services Maria Campanella, Director
  International Academic Programs and Services Yi-Xian Qin, Acting Dean
  Orientation & Family Programs Regina Marshall, Director
  Registrar's Office Diane Bello, Registrar
  Undergraduate Academic Affairs Rachelle Germana, Interim Assistant Provost