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Search Committee

Nina Maung, Co-Chair, Associate Vice President for Research
Esther Takeuchi, Co-Chair, Distinguished Professor, College of Engineering and Applied Sciences/College of Arts and Sciences

  • Julia Bear, Associate Professor, College of Business
  • Rigoberto Burgueño, Professor and Chair, Civil Engineering, College of Engineering and Applied Sciences
  • Kathy Byington, Senior Vice President for Finance and Administration
    • Jennifer Cano, Assistant Professor, Astronomy & Physics 
  • Caitlyn Cardetti, Molecular & Cellular Pharmacology, Graduate Student Organization 
  • Carol Carter, Professor, Microbiology & Immunology
  • Judith Brown Clarke, Chief Diversity Officer
  • Amy Cook, Associate Dean, Research and Innovation and Professor, English
  • Eduardo Díaz, Associate Director, Campus Residences
  • Judith B. Greiman, Chief Deputy to the President and Senior Vice President for Government and Community Relations 
  • Stacy Jaffee Gropack, Dean, School of Health Technology and Management
  • Agnes He, Professor and Chair, Department of Asian & Asian American Studies
  • Richard Larson, President, University Senate, Professor, Linguistics
  • Kamazima Lwiza, Associate Professor, School of Marine & Atmospheric Sciences 
  • Pamela Matzner, Director, Educational Opportunity Program
  • Liz Montegary, Associate Professor and Graduate Program Director, Women & Gender Studies
  • Huntley Spencer, President, Undergraduate Student Government