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How to Request Services and Information from OPD


Proposal Development Assistance

To request proposal development services from OPD, please complete a quick survey,  which will trigger a notification in our workflow.  We ask that you do this at least 4 weeks before the sponsor deadline.  You may need to enter your NetID information.  One of our proposal staff members will reply within 48 hours.


Join our Google Group

To request information from OPD, you can be  added to our Google Group and receive emails on future funding opportunities, workshops and other announcements, please follow these instructions: 

  • Sign into your Google Account at
  • Select Groups from the upper right corner grid
  • Click on My groups
  • Search for 'OPD Announcements'
  • Click on 'Apply for Membership' 


For general questions,  pl ease email us with any questions at


OPD Services Request                                                                                                                                                     Contact OPD