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Round 2 OVPR Revise and Resubmit Seed Grant Award Winners

In the Spring 2022 semester,  the Office of the Vice President for Research announced a second round of the revise and resubmit seed funding program to provide support for the resubmission efforts of PIs/teams who received highly favorable summary statements on prior, unfunded external grant proposals. The program was designed to help faculty address concerns and gaps in the original submissions as indicated by the reviewers. Interested faculty were asked to submit a brief proposal, including a copy of the external reviewer feedback from their previously submitted proposal. The following projects were selected for funding with an award start date of May 1, 2022.


Erich Mackow, Department of Microbiology and Immunology: SARS-CoV-2 Infected Alveolar Epithelial Cells Aberrantly Activate Endothelial Cells

Leonie Huddy, Oleg Smirnov, and Katherine Sawyer, Department of Political Science: Exploring the Dynamics of Mass Violent Protest in the United States

Zhaozheng Yin and Fusheng Wang, Department of Biomedical Informatics and Department of Computer Science, Ruwen Qin, Department of Civil Engineering, and Ming Leu, Missouri University of Science and Technology: FMRG: Cyber: GOALI: Worker-Centric Manufacturing of the Future: Worker Understanding, Assistive Intelligence, and Big Data Analytics

David Matus, Department of Biochemistry and Cell Biology: Elucidating the invasive-proliferative switch

Shuai Mu and Michael Ferdman, Department of Computer Science, and Peter Milder, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering: Distributed Protocol Offload using FPGA SmartNICs

Wei Yin and Congwu Du, Department of Biomedical Engineering: Astrocyte iNOS regulates cocaine-induced vasoconstriction in cocaine addiction