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Fall 2019 Seed Grant Award Winners

Below are the winners of the Fall 2019 Seed Grant Program Competition. Faculty were asked to submit an abstract, a five-page proposal as well a timeline showing how this seed funding would help to develop a highly competitive proposal for extramural funding. 76 applications were received spanning the School of Medicine, School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences, College of Engineering, and the College of Arts and Sciences. The following projects were selected for funding with an award start date of December 30, 2019. 


Stanislaus Wong, Ping Liu, Chemistry, Anatoly Frenkel and Dilip Gersappe, Materials Science and Chemical Engineering with their proposal: Multi-Scale, Structure-Reactivity Modeling of Nanowire-Based Single Site Catalysts for Small-Molecule Reactions

Helen Hsieh, Department of Surgery and Lonnie Wollmuth, Department of Neurobiology and Behavior with her proposal: The Impact of Gut-Brain Interactions on Brain Development in Premature Infants

Lauren Richmond and Suparna Rajaram, Department of Psychology with their proposal: Investigation of the Protective Effect of Social Connections on the Neurobiological Underpinnings of Memory in Aging

Roy Price, School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences and Gregory Henkes, Department of Geosciences with their proposal: A Proxy for Life Detection on Other Planetary Bodies: Calcium Carbonate Clumped Isotope Geochemistry from Serpentinizing Environments

Petar Djuric, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Charles Mikell and Sima Mofakham, Department of Neurosurgery with their proposal: Exploring the Latent Structure of Consciousness

Fusheng Wang, Department of Biomedical Informatics, Richard Rosenthal, Psychiatry and Behavior Health, Wei Hou and Elinor Schoenfeld, Preventive Medicine with their proposal: Al Based Opioid Overdose Prevention

Gordon Taylor and Steven Beaupre, School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences with their proposal: Do Microplastic Contaminants Distort our Understanding of the Ocean's Carbon Cycle?