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Fall 2018 Seed Grant Award Winners

Below are the winners of the Fall 2018 Seed Grant Program competition.The following projects were selected for funding with an award start date of  December 14, 2018. 


H. Resit Akcakaya, Ecology and Evolution and Liliana Davalos, Ecology and Evolution: The Very Extended Phenotype: connecting genetics and evolution to ecological function

Surita Bhatia, Chemistry and Elizabeth Boon, Chemistry: Scalable Nanostructured Coatings for Prevention of Microbial Biofilm Formation

Holly Colognato, Pharmacology and Maricedes Acosta Martinez, Physiology and Biophysics: Exploration of late pregnancy extracellular vesicles as regulators of oligodendrocyte biology

Anshul Gandhi, Computer Science and Erez Zadok, Computer Science: Exploiting Analytical Models to Realize the Full Performance and Parallelization Potential of Modern Storage Architectures for Big Data Applications

Martin Kaczocha, Anesthesiology and Michelino Puopolo, Anesthesiology: Leukotriene B4: A Novel Target for Postoperative Pain Control

David Komatsu Orthopaedics, Yi-Xian Qin, Biomedical Engineering, and Sardar MZ Uddin, Orthopaedics: Enhancement of Bone Regeneration through Apoptosis Modulation

Greg Zelinsky, Psychology, Dimitrios Samaras, Computer Science, Kenneth Shroyer, Pathology, and Joel Saltz, Bioinformatics: Predicting the attention trajectories of digital pathologists: Towards understanding the variability in cancer diagnosis