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myResearch - Conflict of Interest


The main objective of the Conflict of Interest (COI) module is to increase institutional compliance and streamline disclosure processes with an electronic, centralized COI management system that eliminates process roadblocks.  The COI module integrates annual disclosure data with related research certifications such as IRB studies and funding proposals.  The portal software for COI provides a comprehensive solution for all types of disclosures, managing both individual and institutional conflicts.  It also simplifies the creation and tracking of conflict management plans.


The Office of the Vice President for Research (OVPR) aims to achieve the following benefits by implementing the Conflict of Interest (COI) module:

  • Automates COI processes and allows for future product updates

  • Eliminates redundant data input - a major irritant and primary deterrent to COI compliance

  • Automated workflow ensures consistent processes, adapts to threshold triggers, and eliminates delays and lost disclosures

  • Reduces the risk of non-compliance and fosters a culture of transparency

  • Provides automatic notification and escalation; improves compliance

  • Easily generates data required for public disclosure

  • Connects COI data to study and funding proposals without duplicate entry

  • Reduces time required creating management plans

  • Simplifies identification, tracking, and management of institutional relationships that could create conflicts

  • Tailored to SBUs disclosure needs

Project Sponsors

Dr. Richard J. Reeder

Vice President for Research

Team Members

  • John Passaro, PMP  Project Manager
  • Monique Blakely
  • Lydia Chabza
  • Jason Dayton
  • Susan Gasparo
  • Joseph Montelione
  • Raymond Chan  Project Director

Project Stakeholders


  • Chairs
  • Deans
  • Department Administrators Committee (DAC)
  • Directors
  • Faculty
  • Faculty Senate - Research
  • Office of the Vice President of Research (OVPR)
  • Post-doctorates and Students
  • Project 50 Forward
  • Provosts
  • Research Administrators
  • Research Advisory Committee (RAC)
  • Researchers
  • Vice-Presidents

Project Timeline

COI Timeline




COI Module - Go-Live Notification

From: Richard J. Reeder, Vice President for Research

Subject: Conflict of Interest Reporting Is Going Paperless with New myResearch (Huron Click)

The myResearch (Huron Click) Conflict of Interest Module is live!  

This electronic submission process replaces our current PDF forms that need to be submitted with every proposal, at the time of  PHS/NIH annual anniversaries, and as part of IRB submissions.  Instead, you will complete an online Annual Certification of outside interests in an effort to streamline business processes and reduce faculty administrative burden. Research certifications may be required at the time of an award or protocol submission to clarify if a specific interest is related to a specific project. CITI Training remains unchanged as required within the last four years.


Beginning April 17th , the following groups are required to start submitting an Annual Certification in myResearch.

1. Faculty members that participate in research;

2. Staff that meet the definition of Investigator and are named on a current funded project or proposal submitted within the last year; and

3. Staff named as study personnel on IRB submissions that have current or pending funding. 

All Annual Certifications are required to be submitted in myResearch  no later than  May 31st .  

Beginning May 1st :

The PDF forms will no longer be required for any proposal submissions, PHS award anniversaries, or for staff named in IRB submissions.


During this May transition month, all faculty and staff (as required above) must have an Annual Certification in myResearch for new awards. PHS award anniversaries and new IRB submissions.


Beginning  June 1st :

The myResearch COI Module will be fully implemented.   Any changes in outside interests must be reported in myResearch  within 30 days  of acquiring said interest and Annual Certifications will be due each year by  May 1st



Login information, training videos, and CITI Training information are available at .




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