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myResearch - Biosafety/Stem Cells

Project Background

The main objective of the Biosafety/Stem Cells module is to strengthen safety committee oversight processes while accelerating preparation, submission, and review of research studies.  The module incorporates forms for Biosafety, Radiation Safety, Chemical Safety, and Stem Cell Research Oversight.  The solution accommodates standalone safety committee applications or integration with IRB, IACUC, or other compliance and funding processes such as Grants.  It also improves collaboration between investigators, Safety staff, and committee members through all safety activities from new protocols to amendments to continuing reviews.


The Office of the Vice President for Research (OVPR) aims to achieve the following benefits by implementing the Biosafety/Stem Cells module:

  • Eliminates paper costs, redundant data entry, and provides instant access to all protocol data

  • Streamlines independent applications and integrates with IRB and IACUC forms and processes

  • Enables user to track facilities in central location

  • Allows tracking of individual safety protocols serially or in parallel with IRB studies and IACUC protocols

  • Ensures adherence to NIH and other federal, state and local regulations

  • All information is available in one secure easy-to-access location

  • Configurable application architecture (forms, processes, workflow, reporting, et al.)

Project Sponsors

Dr. Richard J. Reeder

Vice President for Research

Team Members

  • Monique Blakely
  • Lydia Chabza
  • Jason Dayton
  • Joseph Montelione
  • Raymond Chan  Project Director
  • John C. Passaro, PMP  Project Manager

Project Stakeholders


  • Chairs
  • Deans
  • Department Administrators Committee (DAC)
  • Directors
  • Faculty
  • Faculty Senate - Research
  • Office of the Vice President for Research (OVPR)
  • Post-doctorates and Students
  • Project 50 Forward
  • Provosts
  • Research Administrators
  • Research Advisory Committee (RAC)
  • Researchers
  • Vice-Presidents


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