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myResearch - Agreements


The Agreements module is a comprehensive and extensible electronic management solution and its main objective is to streamline management of financial and non-financial research agreements by maintaining a single repository for all types, including non-disclosure, data use, and material transfer agreements.


The Office of the Vice President for Research (OVPR) aims to achieve the following benefits by implementing the Agreements module:

  • Single point of entry and automated submission routing by agreement type
  • Customized submission forms by agreement type
  • Single office inbox with support for multiple offices
  • Ability to link related agreements to each other and to other related projects
  • Flexible management of ancillary reviewer and approval process
  • Automated template generation
  • Ability to send emails from the system and receive emails from outside the system
  • On demand turnaround reporting

Project Sponsors

Dr. Richard J. Reeder

Interim Vice President for Research

Team Members

  • John C. Passaro, PMP  Project Manager
  • Monique Blakeley
  • Lydia Chabza
  • Jason Dayton
  • Alina Stroia
  • Susan Gasparo
  • Seema Levy
  • Joseph Montelione
  • Robert Davidson  Project Director

Project Stakeholders


  • Chairs
  • Deans
  • Department Administrators Committee (DAC)
  • Directors
  • Faculty
  • Faculty Senate - Research
  • Office of the Vice President for Research (OVPR)
  • Post-doctorates and Students
  • Project 50 Forward
  • Provosts
  • Research Administrators
  • Research Advisory Committee (RAC)
  • Researchers
  • Vice-Presidents


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