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Facilitating Researcher Success

Reducing Administrative Burdens on Investigators

Project Update

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In his State of the University address, President Samuel L. Stanley launched a university-wide effort to examine current practices and procedures, with a goal of minimizing administrative burdens that may impede growth of Stony Brook University’s research enterprise.  This project, Facilitating Researcher Success (FRS), will address the complete spectrum of administrative activities that investigators must navigate in sponsored research across east and west campus.

Under the strategic guidance of a Steering Committee, nine Task Forces have been established, each will to focus on a particular area, and make recommendations to reduce unnecessary hurdles.  The Steering Committee and task force members are listed below.

Gathering the experience of investigators and research support staff will assist the task forces in achieving their goals.   Please use the link below to share your comments and concerns with the task forces.

Help us by sharing your comments and concerns.

Steering Committee

Richard Reeder (Chair)

VP for Research / Operations Manager for the Research Foundation at Stony Brook University

Robert Megna (Co-Chair)

Senior VP for Finance and Administration

Michael Bernstein

Provost / Senior VP for Academic Affairs

Chuck Taber

Dean, Graduate School / Vice Provost for Graduate Education

Stella Tsirka

Deputy Provost and Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs

Fotis Sotirpoulos

Dean, College of Engineering and Applied Sciences (CEAS)

Mary Truhlar

Dean, School of Dental Medicine

Larry Swanson

Interim Dean, School of Marine & Atmospheric Sciences

Lina Obeid

Dean of Research, School of Medicine

Nicole Sampson

Professor and Chair, Chemistry

Nina Maung-Gaona

Associate Vice President for Research

Mitch Menarchem

Program Manager - Project 50 Forward

Task Forces

Proposal Development & Funding Opportunities

This task force will examine the proposal development process related to resources and support for developing competitive grant applications and identifying federal and non-federal funding opportunities as well as potential collaborators.

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Robert Harrison, Institute for Advanced Computational Science 


Nicholas Fisher, School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences

Samir Das, Computer Science/CEAS Dean’s Office

Aaron Neiman, Biochemistry and Cell Biology

Laurie Shroyer, Surgery

Soraya Zahibi, CAS Dean’s Office

Toni Sperzel, CIE/Graduate School

Alan Calder, Physics and Astronomy

Patents, Technology Licensing & IP

This task force will examine policies and practices related to the protection of potential discoveries made by SB researchers, from filing patents to licensing inventions with potential business partners.

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Maurizio Del Poeta, Molecular Genetics and Microbiology


Stanislaus Wong, Chemistry

Susan Gasparo, Office of the Vice President for Research

Diane Fabel, Center for Biotechnology

Arie Kaufman, Computer Sciences

Sanjay Sampath, Materials Science and Chemical Engineering

Lorne Golub, Oral Biology/School of Dental Medicine

Grants Management (Post-Award)

This task force will examine the post-award period of grants/contracts management related to a wide variety of financial transactions, accounting services, approval routings, reporting requirements and close-out.

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James Konopka, Molecular Genetics and Microbiology


Scott Reid, Cancer Center

Laurie Krug, Molecular Genetics and Microbiology

Robert Kukta, Mechanical Engineering

Amy Marschilok, Materials Science, Chemistry

Deborah Murphy, Advanced Energy Research and Technology Center

Thomas MacCarthy, Applied Mathematics and Statistics

Annie Rohan, School of Nursing

Laura Colucci, Geosciences

Compliance (IACUC, IRB, IBC, COI, Export Control and Training)

This task force will examine the various compliance processes for researchers whose proposals are subject to adherence to such policies set by the Federal, State and/or University regulatory bodies.

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Richard Kew, Pathology


James Bliska, Molecular Genetics and Microbiology

Jennifer Hofecker, Cancer Center

Sharon Nachman, Pediatrics

Lori Stauss, Compliance Office, Stony Brook Medicine

Patricia Thompson-Carino, Pathology/Cancer Center

Arthur Samuel, Psychology

Marie Badalamente, Orthopedics

Stephen Walker, Oral Biology/School of Dental Medicine

Jeronimo Cello, Microbiology

Elizabeth Boon, Chemistry

Sponsored Programs (Pre-Award)

This task force will examine the activities leading-up to and including the submission of an application for funding(e.g., obtaining approvals, fulfilling institutional requirements, using the pre-awards software system, etc.).

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Jon Longtin, Mechanical Engineering


Arianna Maffei, Neurobiology and Behavior

Glen Itzkowitz, School of Medicine

Lucille London, School of Dental Medicine

Cynthia Forman, Psychology

Miguel Garcia-Diaz, Pharmacology

Christine Cesaria, Computer Science

Kathryne Piazzola, Office of the Vice President for Research

Lauren Donovan, STEM Smart/Technology and Society

Kamazima Lwiza, School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences

Industry Relations

This task force will examine the partnerships between SBU inventors and the business community to support the successful commercialization of innovative discoveries into new products and services.

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John Haley, Cancer Center/Proteomics Center


Clint Rubin, Biomedical Engineering

Maria Ryan, Oral Biology/School of Dental Medicine

Satya Sharma, Center of Excellence in Wireless and Information Technology

Gerald Smaldone, Respiratory Care Program / Physiology and Biophysics

Jason Trelowicz, Materials Science and Engineering

Manny London, School of Business

Iwao Ojima, Chemistry

Human Resources Issues

This task force will examine the transactions and administrative workflow related to the recruitment, appointment and termination of RF employees.

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Dan Klein, Psychology 


Christine Linneman, Cancer Center

Ute Moll, Pathology

Nancy Hollingsworth, Biochemistry and Cell Biology

Alfredo Fontanini, Neurobiology and Behavior

Katy Ehm, Graduate School/IREP

Susan Scheckel, Provost Office/IREP

Soosan Ghazizadeh, Oral Biology/School of Dental Medicine

Christina Babzien, Molecular Genetics and Microbiology

Lynda Perdomo-Ayala, Pharmacology

Heidi Ciolfi, Chemistry

Nathan Leoce-Schappin, Physics and Astronomy

Andrea Curran, Applied Mathematics and Statistics

Procurement Issues

This task force will examine processes related to product, equipment and service purchasing, contract negotiations, insurance, accounts payable and other aspects of the procurement process.

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Surita Bhatia, Chemistry


Janet Allopenna, School of Medicine Dean's Office

Carol Juliano, Biochemistry and Cell Biology

Srinivas Myneni, Periodontology

Stacey Scott, Psychology

Diane Riccardo, Biochemistry and Cell Biology

Heather Lynch, Ecology and Evolution

Rachel Ingrassia, CEAS Dean's Office

Facilities & Lab Rehabs

This task force will examine the costs and procedures associated with lab renovations and new construction.

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 Axel Drees, Physics and Astronomy


April Musano, Chemistry

Sasha Levy, Biochemistry and Cell Biology

Glen Itzkowitz, School of Medicine

Owen Evans, Geosciences

James Kierych, Life Sciences

Steven London, School of Dental Medicine

Cyril Rickson, Property Control

James Hart, Division of Information Technology

Edward McFadden, CAS Dean's Office

Alan Tucker, Applied Math and Statistics/CEAS Dean’s Office



Facilitating Researcher Success - Final Summary Report
Research News - Winter 2017 - FRS Update (Page 1); Post Doc Hiring (Page 7)
Stony Brook University Research News - Fall 2016
E-Mail re: Reducing Administrative Burdens for Investigators

Project Timeline

timeline v2

Project Updates  


Oct-Nov 2017
  • Final report was presented to President Stanley.
  • Report draft was sent to Task Force Leads for their comments.  After their revisions were incorporated, the report was sent to the Steering Committee for comments.  The Committee's comments were then incorporated into the final report.
July-Sept 2017
  • After careful review of all nine Task Force reports, Task Force Leads and Steering Committee members developed a prioritized list of recommendations that require significant resources and / or time to implement.  This involved lengthy discussions regarding a rubric to score the recommendations.
  • A rough draft of the "final" report underwent editing and revisions.
  • Dr. Reeder updated the Project 50 Forward Steering Committee on the project's status in late September.
June 2017
  • Task Force final reports were submitted on schedule.  They are being reviewed and summarized.
  • The monthly Steering Committee / Task Force Leads meeting was held.  TF Leads summarized their findings.
May 2017
  • A Steering Committee / Task Force Leads meeting was held on 5/16/17.
  • Final Task Force reports are due on June 16.  There will be two meetings subsequent to this to review and prioritize the recommendations being made.
  • Concurrent with this initiative and the Project 50 Forward Travel Services Project, the possible implementation of Procurement Cards and Travel Cards are being reviewed.
April 2017
  • A Steering Committee / Task Force Leads meeting was held on 4/18/17.
  • Final Task Force reports will be due mid-June 2017
  • Many Task Forces have prioritized identified issues already.
  • The Facilities Task Force Lead has had discussions with Bob Megna, who has several proposals under review.
March 2017
  • A Steering Committee / Task Force Leads meeting was held on 3/21/17.
  • Task Forces continue to meet with SMEs in their areas.
  • It is felt that the implementation of the Click project will address several issues currently being explored.  Click project leads Adnan Rangwala and Lydia Chabza have met with several Task Forces.
  • Task Forces have also had productive meetings with SMEs from Humun Resources and Procurement.
February 2017
  • A joint Steering Committee / Task Force Leads meeting was held on 2/21/17.  Much progress has been made by all Task Forces.
  • As of 2/21/17, and after a third broadcast email, there are 199 questionnaire responses.  Responses have been sorted and forwarded to Task Force Leads.
  • As of 2/21/17, there have been 2,001 visits to this page by 541 unique visitors.  
  • As of 2/7/17, there are over 150 responses to the online questionnaire.  After data cleanup and sorting, they are forwarded to the applicable Task Force Lead.
  • A reminder (3rd email) to complete the online survey was broadcast on 2/7/17. 
January 2017
  • Task Forces started to meet amongst themselves.  Rich Reeder has met with each of the task force groups except for one, which is scheduled.
  • Rich Reeeder met with Chairs and Deans to encourage their participation in the process
  • Analysis of the first 71 responses to the online questionnaire was performed and parsed to the task forces.  A second email was sent out to remind recipients that the questionnaire is still open.
  • The Steering Committee met on 1/20/17 to discuss progress and review questionnaire feedback.  Task Force Leads were invited to participate in this meeting.
December 2016
  • E-mail sent to 18,300 Faculty & Students requesting their input on Administrative Burdens.
  • Rich Reeder met with CAS Chairs to discuss the project.
  • Project website and Qualtrics questionnaire finalized.
November 2016
  • Rich Reeder met with School of Medicine Chairs to discuss the project.
  • Task Force Leads identified and met with Rich Reeder for a project orientation.
  • A "survey" has been drafted in Qualtrics.
  • A website to support the project is being worked on.
  • The Fall 2016 OVPR Newsletter discussed the project.
  • Rich Reeder has met with RAC, DAC and other groups to discuss the project.
October 2016
  • Steering Committee nominated task force members and leads, as well as identified key SMEs for each Task Force.

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