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Small Business

A small business enterprise is identified as a business that employs 100 or fewer persons and is resident in New York State, independently owned and operated, and not dominant in its field.

To all State Agencies and Political Subdivisions

The New York State Small Business Initiative was developed by the OGS Procurement Services Group as a streamlined process for New York State agencies to exercise their statutory discretionary purchase levels for specific products not available from State contracts. This initiative can be used for purchases valued up to $100,000 without the need to conduct a formal procurement or advertise in the Contract Reporter. (Local governments and other entities may purchase listed products according to their own policies and/or statutory requirements). Please visit this website for additional information.

Businesses qualify by having status as a resident small business or as a minority/women-owned business or by providing a recycled/remanufactured product.

The Office of General Services offers this notification as a service to our customers. OGS makes no representations about, nor implies any endorsement of, this product or the contents of this information.

It is the responsibility of purchasing agencies to determine whether the product(s) listed below will meet their form, function and utility at a reasonable cost or on a best value basis. These determinations should be documented in the agency procurement record.