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Service Contracts

Note: Requests for Bids should go to Jonathan Rios at (631) 632-9060  or

Service Assignments

Employee Assignments

Mary H La Corte
Asst Director
(631) 632-9849

Contract Review, Major Agreements, Leases, Conferences & Special Events, Executive Search

Dave Smith
(631) 632-9065

Custodial/Building Maintenance, Grounds Maintenance, Construction/Rehab, Landscaping, Skilled Labor Services, HVAC Maintenance/Repair/Boiler&Welding Services, Masonry, Tree Services, Chiller maintenance, Boiler, Generator Rentals

Kimberly Williams
(631) 632-6229

Refuse/Snow Removal, Road Maintenance/Repair, Utility Mark-Out, Elevator Maintenance, Dust Mop Services, Software Agreements, Equipment Maintenance & Repair, Printing, Recycling Services

Deborah Marcus  
(631) 632-6286

Banking Services, Temp Services, Revenue/Affiliation, IT Services, Cablevision services, Campus Television, Architectural/Engineering Services, Advertising, Construction/Rehab, Consultant Services, Supportive Labor, Internet Service, Building/Maintenance/Custodial

Marie Titone
(631) 632-6066

Moving Services, Construction/Rehab, Excavating Services, Film/Badge Services, Irrigation System Maintenance, Market Research, Architect/Engineering Services, Performing Artists, Automatic Door Repairs/Installations/Maintenance, Wood Floor Refinishing, ADA Ramps, Audit Services

Jessica Fee-Bartolo
(631) 632-2219

Leases, MOU's, Bus Services, Parking Garage Operator Service, Sharps Collection Revenue Contracts, Printing, Maintenance Contracts, Copier Purchases, Cell Phone Services, Speakers/Performing Artists

John Mastromarino  
(631) 632-9779

Pest Control, Security Services, Equipment Maintenance, Water Treatment, Telecommunications, Drapery Cleaning/Repair, Fire Extinguisher Maintenance, Cadaver Transportation/Cremation, Athletic Insurance, Roofing repair and maintenance, Pond Maintenance, Flame Resistance Uniforms, Environmental Services, Natural Gas/Repair of Main Gas Lines, Scrap metal, Street light repair, Transportation Services, Water Valve repair and replacement, Auxiliary Services, Restoration Services, Tank Maintenance, Recharge Basins, Cell Phone Services

Malgorzata (Margaret R) Remiszewski
(631) 632-9836

Software Licenses, inventory services & miscellaneous services, Cell Phone Services

Ayodeji Fagbenle

Revocable Permits, Hazardous Waste, Criminal Background, Asbestos Abatement, Cell Phones, Shredding, Equipment Maintenance and Repair, Printing, Sea Grant, Charter Flights


Contracts Coordinator

Jonathan Rios

Bid Coordinator