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Our goal is to procure goods and services of the proper quality and quantity, at a reasonable price in time to accommodate University needs by:

  1. Developing Category management and strategic sourcing competencies
  2. Enhancing contract development and negotiation skills
  3. Establishing data & business analytics capabilities
  4. Improving customer service, training and communication
  5. Expanding the supplier diversity program

As an agency of the State of New York we are subject to statute. Guidelines dictating dollar thresholds, advertising requirements and the laws that obligate these provisions can be found in SUNY Procedure 7553

Documentation on Construction and Construction Related purchases can be found in SUNY Procedure 7554.

Further guidance as it relates to the University's purchasing policies and procedures can be found in the University Policy manual. Policies P613 and P614

Purchases made with Research Foundation funds must be made in accordance with the RF Procurement Policy

Key Resources


Frank Bowden
Director of Strategic Procurement
(631) 632-9110

Responsible for the Facilities, Scientific, Labs & General Supplies, Information Technology and Administrative category  teams

Manoj KudilingalAssistant Director Procurement Systems & Operations
(631) 632-4151

Responsible for WolfMart System Administration, Help Desk and Training, source to Pay Business Operations

Linda SantosAssistant Director Strategic Sourcing Information Technology
(631) 632-6068

Responsible for Information Technology Products and Services, including software, hardware, A/V, printers and telecom

Mary La Corte
Assistant Director
Administrative Services 
(631) 632-9849

Responsible for Advertising, Marketing, Banking, Conferences Events, HR services, Promotional Items and Revenue Contracts

Lynn Meyer
Assistant Director Strategic Sourcing Laboratory & General Supplies
(631) 632-6019 

Responsible for Scientific and Medical Supplies, Equipment  & Services Office and General Supplies.
Jill McCahill
Assistant Director Strategic Sourcing
(631) 632-6046
Responsible for Facilities, Construction, Transportation, M.R.O. Services & Supplies.