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Project Sunlight Reporting Requirements

OVERVIEW: Project Sunlight, an important component of the Public Integrity Reform Act of 2011, is an online database that provides the public with an opportunity to see what individuals and entities are interacting with New York State Government, and helps make NYS Government one of the most open and transparent in the country. 

REQUIREMENTS: The Project Sunlight Law requires that State employees report into an online database each time they have an interaction which is meant to impact the decision-making process of their respective state entity. 

WHO IS REQUIRED TO REPORT: Only government employees who have the power to exercise agency discretion or advise someone who has such discretion need to report each appearance they make to Project Sunlight (see what defines an appearance below). This includes:

  • An individual at the University who has the power to exercise agency discretion in one of the five covered categories, or advises someone who has that discretion
  • A temporary worker or independent contractor who has discretion in one of the five covered categories 

APPEARANCES: An “appearance” is a substantive interaction that is meant to have an impact on the decision-making process of a state entity. Only in-person meetings or video conferences are considered appearances. State entities must report into the database appearances regarding one of the five subject areas listed below: 

  • Procurement of a state contract for real property, goods, or services 
  • Ratemaking 
  • Regulatory matters 
  • Judicial or quasi-judicial proceedings conducted by an agency 
  • Adoption or repeal of a rule or regulation 

Please note: There can be multiple appearances related to one matter. Each meeting is a separate appearance and must be reported. 

The following is a non-exhaustive, subject-to-change list of appearances that will not be reported in Project Sunlight for SUNY:

  • Appearances related to proposed, emergency, or final rulemaking relating to the formula for state financial operating assistance to community colleges, which involves completing a ministerial calculation of aid per estimated full time equivalent student
  • Employee and student disciplinary hearings
  • Appearances by vendors before health care practitioners across the SUNY system
  • Appearances by students regarding changes in tuition, fees, and charges
  • Interactions at widely-attended vendor conferences

HOW TO REPORT: All appearances that meet these credentials must be entered into the database by following this link: Reporting Project Sunlight Appearances

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: If you have questions about whether or not an appearance is covered by Project Sunlight, please contact the Procurement Office at or 631-632-9060.

Other training materials: