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State Financial Cutoff Dates Announced for SBU Fiscal Year-End

Ensure that your state financial transactions are attributed to the correct fiscal year using the cutoff dates for each transaction type.

Expenditures must be charged to the fiscal year in which the goods or services are received.

Year-end Cutoff Dates

For more details on cutoff dates: Click Here


Cutoff Date Deadline Type
5/27/2022 Last day for VP Rollovers to be Identified
6/30/2022 Final Business Day of the Fiscal Year
7/22/2022 Last day to Submit Invoices to Procurement for Processing
7/29/2022 Last day to Submit Reimbursable Expenses
8/5/2022 Last day to Submit Budget Transfer Requests
8/19/2022 Last day to process Contract Payments*
8/26/2022 Last day for all lapsed Procurement Activity**
  • *Last date for AP to process Contract invoices for services completed by 6/30/22 
  • **Last date for AP to process PO invoices for goods or services received by 6/30/22 using 21/22 funds
  • Goods received and services completed after 6/30/2022 will be paid with 22/23 funds. NO EXCEPTIONS