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Credit Card Programs

The Procurement Department is providing this comprehensive overview of the existing credit card programs. If there are questions concerning the various programs, please contact the individual as listed below.

State Guidelines

In accordance with the   Office of the State Comptroller (OSC), Stony Brook has cancelled the State Citibank Travel Account known as the CTA. 

There are two methods for State Employees purchasing State funded Airfare/Amtrak tickets with Euro Lloyd:

  1. Tickets may be purchased out of pocket and reimbursed on a travel voucher  through the normal department approval process. When submitting a reimbursement request, proof of payment and a copy of the itinerary must be attached to the travel voucher.
  2. Tickets may be purchased using a State Individual Travel Account (ITA) through Euro-Lloyd, the State contracted Travel Agency.  Approval to obtain an ITA will be based on your past travel history, and will require the approval of your Dean and/or area Vice President. The ITA will be issued in the employee's name, and the account number will be stored with Euro Lloyd in the Traveler's profile.   This account can only be used for Individual business travel.  For more information regarding the ITA account, contact Joanne DeSantis, Travel/NET Card Administrator, at 631-632-4031.
  3. Tickets needed for visitors, candidates and non-State employees, to be purchased through Euro-Lloyd.  In order to purchase tickets for travelers to campus using State funds, a department must set up a Non-Employee Travel Account (NTA). This must be set up in the name of a State employee who would be able to purchase tickets for non-employee travel only, not for their individual use. Please contact Joanne DeSantis, Travel/NET Card Administrator, at 631-632-4031 for additional information.

Research Travel

  • A Central Travel Account is still available
  • Program available to RF employees.
  • No "card" issued to individual.
  • No out of pocket expense for traveler to purchase air/rail tickets.
  • Contact the state-contracted agency, Euro Lloyd Travel for quote on required fares, stating they want to use the Contracted NYS City Pair Rates.
  • Prepare a RF requisition, referencing the quote and have it approved by the Office of Grants Mgmt. for funds availability and appropriateness.
  • Upon approval, requisition sent to Procurement Office, who will place ticket order with Euro Lloyd Travel.
  • Transaction will be processed by Accounting Office and traveler's PTAEO charged and will appear on monthly accounting report. Both travel date and ticket purchase must be within the project period.
  • Used with Research Foundation funds.

Contact:   Porshia Russell, Procurement Office, Assistant Director, (631) 632-6019.

Citibank Visa Procurement Card

  • Agreement between NYS and Citibank.
  • Card is issued to individual.
  • No out of pocket expense for the purchase of goods and services required to support University activities.
  • Transaction limit of $2,500.00.
  • All Cardholders and Supervisors must comply with the NYS/SUNY P-Card   guidelines
  • No travel, entertainment, hotels, car rental, gasoline can be purchased on this card.
  • Each cardholder retrieves their billing statement from the CitiManager website.
  • Charges appear on State AES report.
  • Utilization subject to SUNY/NYS audit mandatory training for cardholder and supervisor.
  • Cardholder must certify card activity via SUNY WEB on-line Procurement Card system monthly and forward bill and all receipts to P-Card coordinator.
  • Used with State funds.
  • Frequently Asked Questions Regarding   New Chip and Pin Cards.
  • Procurement Card   Application
  • P-CARD WEB App   Training video
  • P-Card WEB App Certification   Instructions

Contact:   Gerardina Paduano, Procurement Office, P-Card Administrator, (631) 632-6017.

Research Foundation American Express Corporate Card

  • Agreement between RF and Amex.
  • Personal liability card issued in the name of the RF project personnel.
  • Available for travel and the purchase of goods and services for which project personnel will seek reimbursement.
  • No dollar limitations on either type of expense.
  • Cards are currently available to current RF employees and current RF project personnel.
  • Billing directly to cardholder and payment due regardless of reimbursement status.
  • Reimbursement is requested through the Office of Grants Management.
  • Supporting documentation justifying project relatedness will be required.
  • Reimbursement is subject to project/account terms and conditions.
  • Annual fee: $50
  • Used with RF funds.

Contact:   Shelia Routh, Office of Grants Management, (631) 632-9038.

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