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Research Accounts Payable

  • Payment Turn Around Time

    Payment Turn Around Time

    Orders that come through Central Receiving are usually paid within 30 days.

    Special blanket orders that are pre approved, and lease/maintenance invoices are paid within 5 days. All other blanket orders require departmental approval, and requests are sent to departments via e-mail to expedite payment. These payments are processed immediately upon the department's approval.

    Requests for payments received on requisitions are processed within 7 days.

    All new vendors that are not on the ORACLE vendor file are required to submit a completed W-9 form to Accounts Payable. Payments cannot be processed unless these forms have been submitted.

    Checks are mailed out the next business day after payment is entered on the RF on-line system.

    If special check handling is required, the departments can indicate their UPS number only, and the check can be sent back to them via UPS. Please note this is the only carrier Research Foundation uses.

  • ACH Deposit Information

    Announcing Direct Deposit Option for Employee Advances/Reimbursements made through Research Foundation Accounts Payable

    The Research Foundation is pleased to announce the new ACH disbursement program, otherwise known as direct deposit, for the payment of travel advances and reimbursements. Any staff person requesting direct deposit for these types of payments must, according to Federal regulations, complete the ACH Payment Enrollment Form.

    Upon completion and approval of the payment process, the employee is notified automatically via e-mail that the funds will be in his or her bank account within 24 hours.

    It is suggested that employees who frequently request reimbursements for travel and other items sign up for ACH.

    The instructions and ACH Payment Enrollment Form can be found on the Research Foundation Portal website. Please contact  at William LaCascia (631) 632-6001 with any further questions.

  • Lecturer/Consultant Payments

    Lecturer/Consultant Payments

    All appropriate areas of the Lecturer/Consultant form must be completed.

    Travel reimbursements for consultants must be submitted on the Lecturer/Consultant form. If original receipts are not submitted, this payment will be included on the 1099 form.

    Consultants cannot claim per diem for meals, original receipts required by IRS.

    This form must also be used for all Travel Reimbursements for non-employees, including travel costs for prospective employees and graduate students.

    Research Foundation employees from another campus cannot be paid on the Lecturer/Consultant Form. Research Foundation employees who give a Research Foundation-sponsored lecture would be compensated through the Research Foundation's payroll process.

    If the consultant's fee will be $10,000 or more, a contract must be signed.

    Multiple payments should be encumbered, regardless of the amount.

    Requests for payments to non-resident aliens along with required tax forms and documentation should be submitted in a timely fashion. All paperwork must be reviewed by Human Resources for tax liability before payment can be made. Requests for tax treaty exemptions must also be submitted at this time. Once the tax with holding has occurred these funds cannot be returned to the payee.

  • Cash Advances

    Cash Advances

    Field Trips

    Requests for checks coming back to campus should be submitted at least one week before they are needed. Checks being mailed to the Project Director's home will be mailed the following day after processing from Albany.

    Wire transfers can also be requested, although the time to complete the process may take up to two weeks, depending upon the country. Project Directors who request Advances may wish to enroll in the ACH process.

    Upon return to campus, the department should send the receipts to Accounts Payable within 90 days so the file can be closed. In absence of a formal receipt, a logbook or letter of explanation may be submitted. Failure to reconcile the cash advance may result in a hold on future requests.

    Human Subjects

    Cash Advance for human subjects can also be processed by Accounts Payable. Upon expenditure of the funds, the department should submit to Accounts Payable signed receipts by the subjects indicating the amount received date and social security number.

    Petty Cash

    Requests for an advance for Petty Cash to be used for office expenditures may also be processed by Accounts Payable. Receipts should include vendor names and amount paid. The tax-exempt form should be presented to the vendor when making the cash payment.

  • Non-Encumbered Payments

    Non-Encumbered Payments

    Departments may request reimbursements on the Research Foundation requisition form for expenditures made by them related to their research work. Receipts should include the vendor name and amount. A cancelled check and charge card receipt will also be accepted. These reimbursements cannot be charged to IDC funds.

    Human subjects can also be paid directly by submitting a completed requisition along with a signed form indicating the amount to be paid, date and social security number.

    In order to expedite payment, departments may also submit invoices attached to requisitions for direct payment to vendors. These requisitions should indicate "For Payment Purposes Only, Invoice Attached."

  • Stipend Payments

    Stipend Payments

    Stipend Payments are now processed in the Accounts Payable area of the Procurement Office.

    Stipend Forms must be completed, and include recipients Social Security number and mailing address for tax purposes. This applies to non-resident aliens as well as U.S. citizens. A W-9 must be submitted for all US citizens and resident aliens, along with a copy of the Resident Alien Card. All non-resident aliens must submit the W-8 Ben Form. Please note that all Stipend Payments to Non-Resident Aliens will be subject to tax withholding @30%. There are no tax treaty exemptions for Stipend Payments.

    Since these payments are no longer part of the payroll process, departments must indicate if these are lump sum or scheduled payments. For scheduled payments, the department must indicate the dates these payments are needed.

    The departments must also inform Accounts Payable if checks are to be returned to campus for pick-up by department, or if the check is to be mailed directly to the recipient.

    In as much as the process is now much more time-consuming because each recipient must be added to the ORACLE vendor file, payment requests must be submitted as soon as possible to allow for processing time.