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Campus Wireless Equipment Policy

Wireless services are required by various employees in order to facilitate the needs of campus departments to fulfill the University's goals for excellence in education, healthcare and research.  The Procurement Office has instituted the following campus policy for the establishment and payment of wireless services and equipment funded by the State and Research Foundation.

Wireless equipment and services should be purchased  with the approval of campus departmental administrators (i.e. Deans, Chairs, Directors, et al) who, in turn, are responsible for ensuring and verifying that their employees are using the wireless services exclusively for business purposesPersonal use of University wireless equipment and services is strictly prohibited.

There have been some recent equipment and policy changes.  As part of the University's cost containment initiative, Mobile Phone Management is currently in the process of migrating to SBUH protocols and these are the only devices that will be supported using our State contracts going forward.  A more formal announcement by Senior Leadership is forthcoming.  Below are the currently available devices.  Please fill out and return the order form below the line with my information so I can forward your request to Verizon.  Please also be sure to include your cost center or PO# on the Cost Center line to avoid any delays in processing.

Reimbursement of wireless service fees under personal accounts are not allowed. The Procurement Office will assist employees in establishing a business account that will be separate from the employee's personal account.

All mobile devices purchased with State or Research Foundation funds are the property of the University.

1. Under no circumstance should employees of Stony Brook University, using Research Foundation or State funds, purchase telephone equipment, supplies or services at a local cellular service provider store or service center.

2. Campus departments are required to contact Kimberly Williams (2-4340) or Margaret Remiszewski (2-9836) prior to submitting a purchase requisition for the purchase of wireless equipment and upgrades.

3. Research departments requesting wireless service must create an annual requisition in Wolfmart each fiscal year. The following information should be noted in the body of the requisition: 

    • Department Name
    • Requested by
    • Departmental Contact Name and Telephone Number
    • Mobile number
    • Departmental User Name
    • University Account to Charge:  State/RF:               
  2. All requests for changes in equipment, service or user name with any wireless service provider requires an email to be sent to Kimberly Williams at with the following information:
    • Department Name
    • Requested by
    • Departmental Contact Name and Telephone Number
    • EXISTING SERVICE (with Provider's Account Number)
    • Mobile number
    • Departmental User Name
    • Device being ordered
    • Device being cancelled
    • Accessories
    • University Account to Charge:  State/RF:               
    • Shipping Address

Any request containing missing or invalid information will be returned to the campus department.

Accounts Payable Policy for State and RF IDC funded Consolidated Billing Statements forVerizon Wireless Service only:

In compliance with "Project 50 Forward" the campus is moving to consolidate billing statements and pooled minutes for State and Research Foundation IDC funded accounts which will provide a significant cost savings for the University.

Departments will not be contacted for approval, nor will they receive a hard copy of their statement from Accounts Payable.  Electronic Statements forState and Research Foundation IDC funded accountswill be available to be viewed monthly by the departmental contact person on Verizon'sMyBizwebsite.  Training will be provided by Verizon.

 *** (The State Visa P-card is no longer permitted to be used to pay for wireless service acquired through Verizon Wireless).

The end-user's supervisor or reporting administrator should monthly review each on-line statement for:

  • Accurate service charges and fees
  • New/added equipment costs
  • Appropriate business-related usage
  • Unauthorized personal usage
  • Any noted billing discrepancies should be brought to Verizon's attention by the end-user/campus department.  Credits and/or adjustments will be reflected in the subsequent monthly bill. 

Accounts Payable/Accounting Process:

  • State/RF Accounts Payable will process the monthly consolidated bills for payment from central accounts
  • State Accounting or Research Foundation Accounting offices will recharge the respective State or IDC account for their individual charges

Procurement Contacts:

For questions/inquiries regarding the purchase of wireless equipment/services contact Kimberyly Williams at (631) 632-4340 Malgorzata Remiszewski at (631) 632-9836.

For questions/inquiries regarding State Accounts Payable contact Alba Beltran at (631) 632-6005 for State or William LaCascia at (631) 632-6001 for Research Foundation 

Verizon Order Form

Price Plans
Smartphone: UNL MINS&MSG 10GB SHR MHS $30.99 ($38.26 minus discount)
NYS Mobile Broadband plans: Unlimited $37.99

Equipment: iPhone 11 64 GB $0.00, iphone SE 2020 64GB $0.00

Sales Rep Name: John Petrakis

Sales ID Number: EE04E

Company Name:

Account Number:0242048184-00001

SPOC/Contact Person: Kimberly Williams

Email address:

Spoc’s contact number: 631-632-4340


End user Mobile number (for upgrades only):

End user's SB ID# 


For new lines only

End user’s name and SB ID#:

Price plan:  

Device Type:

Cost Center: 


University Shipping Information::

Contact person:

Contact Phone number:

Address/City/ State Zip/Attn to: