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Presidential Office Hours

President Stanley invites Stony Brook University students
to meet during office hours to discuss their experiences and perceptions.


All available time slots for the Spring 2019 semester have been filled.

Request a Meeting

president office hours with studentsMeetings can be with individual students or in groups of as many as three. Select a date below. Due to limited availability, students may only register for one visit per student, per year.

To ensure that as many students as possible have the opportunity to speak with the president, meetings will be limited to 15 minutes. Four 15-minute meetings will take place during each office hour period.

You will receive an email that will either confirm the specific meeting time within that one-hour period, or inform you that the chosen time slot is not available.

Individuals who plan to bring additional students to the meeting will need to confirm all the names by return email after receiving the confirmation email from our office.

All meetings will take place in the President’s Office on the third floor of the Administration Building.

Please indicate on the form what you would like to discuss.

Matters that may be better handled by deans or other university officials (such as grade disputes, funding requests, or individuals seeking redress) will be re-directed as appropriate.


All available time slots for the Spring 2019 semester have been filled.
Please check back later in the year for availability during the Fall 2019 semester.

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