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Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone

November 18, 2022

It’s been wonderful to look around Stony Brook this fall and feel the collective energy here on campus. There’s an immense sense of possibility. A mood of excitement, curiosity, and connection. For me, this semester has served as a daily reminder of the power of higher education and the reasons that all of us have dedicated ourselves to its mission.

A university campus is a place of excitement, innovation, and change. But it’s also a place for reflection–where thoughtfulness and depth drive everything we do. So in a time where discord is common across the country, I have been deeply grateful for Stony Brook University's strong sense of togetherness, community, and reciprocity.

To that end, we recently kicked off our Stony Brook Cares SEFA campaign, which reflects our special legacy of helping and caring for those in need, especially as we approach the holiday season. If you’re able, gifts and contributions to Stony Brook Cares can be directed toward many different, specified agencies including Stony Brook Child Care Services, The Hardship Fund, General Scholarship Fund, Stony Brook Children’s Hospital Fund, and US Military Personnel Scholarship Fund. More information about these charities, and donation information is available on the SEFA website.

After Thanksgiving, the rest of the semester goes by in a flash. So I hope this holiday serves as a welcome opportunity to reflect on the last few months, check in with friends and family, and appreciate the importance of what you’re doing here at Stony Brook. Happy Thanksgiving!

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Maurie McInnis