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Stony Brook Cares/SEFA Campaign

November 16, 2021

Dear Colleagues,

At Stony Brook University, we have a long history of giving back to our community — a community that has always supported, sustained, and inspired us. The Stony Brook Cares SEFA campaign reflects our special legacy of helping and caring for those in need.

Stony Brook Cares provides a unique opportunity for faculty and staff to help affiliated charities and human services agencies in our community. Many local agencies rely on these funds to sustain their operations. These agencies aid the elderly, provide child care, assist the disabled, support families in need, and help the many veterans who live in our neighboring regions.

While the pandemic has hurt everyone, it has especially impacted at-risk groups, creating new challenges in providing basic care to our community. Support is needed now more than ever.

Giving to Stony Brook Cares is simple, and contributions can be directed to specific agencies including six that go directly toward funds  that are exclusive to the University: Stony Brook Child Care Services, Carol M. Baldwin Breast Cancer Research Fund, The Hardship Fund, General Scholarship Fund, Stony Brook Children’s Hospital Fund, and US Military Personnel Scholarship Fund. The Charles Thide Foundation is affiliated with Stony Brook, but also helps others in our community. Alternatively, you may choose that your undesignated gifts be distributed to other SEFA charities.

Stony Brook University is an institution committed to educational excellence, cutting-edge research, and provision of world-class healthcare, but we are also steadfast in our dedication to helping our neighbors whenever and wherever we can. Please help us reinforce this mission.

Thank you for your support.

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Maurie McInnis

To learn more about the Stony Brook Cares/SEFA campaign, visit