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Mid-Semester Message of Appreciation from the Offices of the President, Provost and Health Sciences

October 28, 2021

We started the Fall semester with the hope and promise of a new beginning, following challenging adjustments we have all made in the midst of the global pandemic. We have kept our campus community one of the safest in the country, and one of the safest locations in Suffolk County, by consistently following strict, science-based protocols and regulatory guidelines. And we carefully opened up the University to full, in-person learning, which was complemented by your perseverance, resilience, cooperation, and dedication. 

We wanted to take a moment to send you a sincere, mid-semester note of appreciation for your continuing support to keep yourselves, our institution, and our local communities healthy. Your efforts have allowed us to continue upholding Stony Brook University’s mission of providing the highest caliber of higher education, with the most meaningful student experiences. 

This note goes out to all of you: students, who have nearly a 100% vaccination rate; faculty who are back in the classrooms for richer student interactions; staff members who have recently returned to their onsite offices or been here all along fulfilling the essential responsibilities needed to sustain the University; and medical personnel who have been our heroes, from start to finish, with their tireless commitment to caring for our patients and helping to ensure the well-being of our community. We shall forever be grateful.  

Eleven weeks into the semester, we couldn’t be more proud of your collective endeavors to keep our campus community safe. The Stony Brook University COVID-19 Dashboard provides demonstrable evidence of your success, with extremely low student and employee COVID case counts. Our continued, rigorous testing schedules and contact tracing procedures will help ensure we stay that way. 

All of this leads us to be optimistic about the future – for the rest of this semester and far beyond. We have proven, time and again, that we are Stronger Together. This has been a test of endurance, and you’ve weathered the course with us as brighter prospects reveal themselves on the horizon. 

With our thanks for all you do, 

Maurie McInnis

Paul Goldbart
Executive Vice President and Provost 

Hal Paz, MD
Executive Vice President, Health Sciences