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President Stanley on the Rescinding of Temporary Protected Status

January 17, 2018

The Administration’s decision to rescind ‘Temporary Protected Status’, or T.P.S., creates a vulnerability for every family that has come to the United States seeking safe haven.

An example close to home is that of Stony Brook University senior, Rodman Serrano ‘18, who eloquently described his family's journey in the Opinion pages of the  New York Times last week .

The concept of breaking up families like the Serranos is counterintuitive to the very foundation on which our country was formed. Those here under the protection of T.P.S. have been contributing to our society; their children are studying in our classrooms, and graduating with honors from our programs, and they are the first generation of the next generation who will continue the legacy of a free country.

This is why Rodman’s parents, and others of similar circumstances, should be allowed to stay.


Samuel L. Stanley Jr., MD





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