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SBU Postdoc Spotlight 2018 

Postdoc Spotlight Banner 2018

SBU Postdoc Spotlight is a celebration of the research performed by Stony Brook's postdoctoral scholars. The 2018 Spotlight will be held on November 15, 2018 .

Location: Wang Center Lecture Hall 1

Date:  Thursday, November 15, 2018

Spotlight Talks: 4:00 pm—5:30 pm 

Reception & Award Presentation: 5:30 pm—6:30 pm 


Spotlight 2018 SpeakersSpotlight 2018 Speakers



Congratulations to all our speakers for their hard work, and especially, our best talk winners from the 2018 SBU Postdoc Spotlight!

1st Place Lindsey Czarnecki,
Neurobiology & Behavior

1st Place Linsey Czarnecki

2nd Place Steven Jaret, Geosciences

2nd Place Steven Jaret

3rd Place James Robertson, Laufer Center

3rd Place James Robertson


4:00pm-4:15pm Welcome Wang Lecture Hall 1
  Kathleen Flint Ehm, Director for Graduate and Postdoctoral Professional Development
Richard J. Reeder, Vice President for Research
4:15pm-5:30pm Spotlight Presentations 
Moderator: Krupa Haranahalli, Postdoc, Chemistry
Wang Lecture Hall 1
  Postdoc Speakers:
Alavi headshot

Maryam Alavi, Medicine 
A Tiny Protein and One of the Most Common Cause of Cancer-Related Death

Krishnan headshot

Harini Krishnan, Physiology and Biophysics
Dancing with Single Molecules

Lazzarini headshot

Cristina Lazzarini, Molecular Genetics & Microbiology
The Marvelous and Dangerous World of Fungi

Jaret headshot

Steven Jaret, Geosciences
Surviving the Apocalypse: A Fossil Story

Boriushkin headshot

Evgeni Boriushkin, Medicine
The Growth of Blood Vessels as a Source of New Discovery

Perez Lara headshot

Carlos Perez Lara, Physics and Astronomy
The Big Bang Experiment

Preis headshot

Heidi Preis, Psychology
Improving the Health of Teens Who Have Abortions

Njoya headshot

Oumarou Njoya, Physics and Astronomy
Neutrinos are Tiny, Mysterious, and Everywhere

Czarnecki headshot

Lindsey Czarnecki, Neurobiology and Behavior
The Taste of Things to Come

Robertson headshot

James Robertson, Laufer Center
Better Living Through Computational Chemistry

5:30pm-6:30pm Reception and Award Presentation Wang Chapel