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Finding affordable housing on Long Island can be a challenge. Rental options range from apartment and townhouse complexes, to renting a room or part of a house, to renting a whole house. There are no long-term housing options on-campus for postdocs. There are some limited public transportation options available via a city bus system, on-campus shuttles, and the Long Island Rail Road, but many postdocs can find it limiting to live on Long Island without access to a car.

Some suggestions for finding permanent housing are included below. To help new postdocs locate temporary accommodations while they look for permanent housing off campus, there are two different options available depending on the time of year you arrive at Stony Brook University. For VERY temporary accommodations upon arrival, there are also some local hotel options.


Permanent Housing

Temporary Housing at BNL
(from September to May)

Temporary Housing at Stony Brook University
(from June through mid August)